What Are Tags?

Tags are a convenient way to organize your videos.

Say you have a video of your dog playing in the lake. You could tag it with “Playing at the lake” and you could also tag it with “Sparky my dog.” You can then use the “Sparky my dog” Tag for any videos in your account that have Sparky in it. You can use the “Playing at the lake” Tag for any videos you shot while you were at the lake.

You can quickly skip to a specific Tag by clicking on it on the lefthand side of the screen:

Tags for videos hosted on SproutVideo

Tags are searchable, so if you have a large number of them, you can quickly find the one you want with the search bar:

Searching tags for videos on SproutVideo

You can easily change the names of your Tags or delete Tags by clicking on ‘Manage Tags’:

Manage your video Tags

If you have any questions about Tags, please email support@sproutvideo.com and we would be happy to help you out.

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