How to Export a CSV Report of Your Live Stream Analytics

Note: This feature is only available on certain plans. Contact with any questions.

What’s Included in the Analytics Report for A Live Stream?

The exportable Live Stream analytics report is a CSV file which includes all of the anaytics data collected for the selected live stream. This makes it really easy to analyze all of your analytics data to see view counts, impressions, play rate, and much more.

This report will contain data on the following:

  • Devices used to view video
  • Domains where your video loaded on the page
  • The number of times your video was downloaded
  • Locations in the world where your video was played
  • Playback type will indicate whether your video was played in HTML5 (default) or Flash (fallback)
  • Total plays for your video received in the given time frame

This data will be compiled for your selected time frame in the exported CSV file.

How To Export the Analytics Report for A Live Stream

First, navigate to a past live stream. Here, you will see the Analytics data for your stream and the ‘Generate Report’ button. Click the ‘Generate Report’ button to export your data.

Generate Live Anlaytics Report

Once the report is compiled, you’ll receive an email containing a link to download your report. Once the link is clicked, a browser window will open and download the CSV file contained in a ZIP folder.

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