How to Use Excel to Format Logins for Importing

Set Up the Excel File

Open Excel or a Google Spreadsheet and create three columns; Login, Email, and Password.

Enter the email addresses in column B, and the passwords in column C, starting with cells B2 and C2. Then, enter this Concatenate formula in cell A2:


Use the concatenate formula

The result will look like this:

Result of the concatenate formula

Next, drag the formula down, or double click the lower righthand corner of cell A2, or copy and paste the formula down the length of column A until all the cells in column A are filled with an email address and password combination:

Fill the cells in column A with the concatenate formula

Copy the email address and password combinations from Column A (do not copy the column header) and paste into the Import Logins box:

Import logins into your SproutVideo video hosting account

Click Import Logins, and you’re done! You will receive an email with the results of the import shortly after submitting it.

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