Overview of Video Privacy Settings

SproutVideo offers several different security options for videos hosted on our platform. The following is an overview of the different options and how they impact the availability of your videos. All videos uploaded by the accountholder will be viewable and accessible to the accountholder when logged into their video hosting account regardless of the video privacy settings being used. This is a guide to what your audience else will see when trying to view your videos on a SproutVideo hosted website, landing page, or when embedded on another website.

Private Videos

All videos uploaded to SproutVideo are set to private by default. A private video is only accessible and playable by viewers when it is embedded on another website. Private videos do not show up on the SproutVideo platform, and therefore are not accessible through SproutVideo landing pages or video websites. If you want to share a private video with a viewer, you will need to change its privacy settings, or embed it on a website first.

Public Videos

Public videos are accessible on the SproutVideo platform, including landing pages and video websites hosted by SproutVideo, as well as any webpage where they are embedded. SproutVideo does not have a video discovery engine, so you still need to send someone the unique URL for your video, your video website, or the URL where it is embedded in order for them to find it.

Public videos can be indexed by Google and other search engines. They can be discovered online if someone searches for a search term related to your video. Learn more about optimizing your videos for SEO.

Password Protected Videos

If your video is password protected, viewers will need to enter the password you set for the video before they will be able to view it. A password protected video will be accessible through SproutVideo landing pages and video websites, as well as anywhere they are embedded. The password will always be required regardless of where the video is located.

Login Protected Videos

Login protected videos are accessible through SproutVideo landing pages and video websites, as well as anywhere they are embedded.

If you are sharing your login protected video using a SproutVideo landing page or video website, your viewers will be required to enter a login that you have created for them prior to being able to watch the video, and the video player will not appear until after they login.

If you are embedding a login protected video on a website, the player will display a login form. The poster frame will not load and the video will not be playable until after a viewer enters their credentials.

IP Address Restriction

IP Address Restriction is designed to work with brandable video websites hosted by SproutVideo, and will also protect your individual video landing pages and playlists, as well as your embedded videos. When using IP Address Restriction, only viewers connecting to your video site from an approved ip address will be able to load your video website and watch your videos. This security setting is an account-wide setting and will apply to all of your videos. Anyone connecting from an ip address that is not included in your “allowed” list will not be able to load your videos and will not be able to play them no matter where that video is located.

Single Sign-On

Single Sign-On (SSO) is available only for SproutVideo’s brandable video websites. When SSO is enabled, a viewer will only be able to load your video website and watch one of your videos if they are authenticated by your company’s Identify Provider. SproutVideo uses SAML 2.0 as the basis for our SSO privacy feature. SSO will affect all the videos on your video website, however, it will not affect videos embedded on other websites not hosted by SproutVideo.


Geo whitelisting allows you to designate the specific countries or regions where your videos can be played. Once enabled, your videos will not load or play in any countries or regions that are not included in your whitelist.

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