How to Set or Change the Poster Frame for a Video

Choosing the right poster frame for your video will help you get more people to watch it by displaying an appealing image prior to a viewer pressing play.

Selecting A Pre-Generated Poster Frame

To change the poster frame for a video, open the video you would like to edit by going to the ‘Videos’ tab and clicking on the video.

Access the videos tab for your SpoutVideo video hosting account

Click on a video hosted on SproutVideo

Here you can select a pre-generated poster frame, choose a frame from your video, or upload a custom image. Be sure to click save when you are done.

Change the poster frame for a video hosted on SproutVideo

Selecting A Poster Frame From A Point In Your Video

When choosing a poster frame you can enter the timestamp for the image you want to use, or scrub through the video to find the perfect shot. Click “Set as Poster Frame” when you are done.

Pick a poster frame

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