Grant Login Access to Multiple Videos at Once

NOTE: This guide is for granting access to multiple videos at a time. To grant access to individual videos please follow our guide on How To Grant Login Access to a Video

If you are using login protection to safeguard your videos hosted on SproutVideo, you can quickly and easily grant login access to multiple videos for multiple people at once, which will make life easier if you have lots of videos or a large audience. The following instructions from the Video tab using the ‘Edit Privacy’ drop-down menu.

  1. Navigate to the videos tab and select the videos to which you want to grant access:

    Select videos hosted by SproutVideo to grant login access

  2. Use the edit privacy drop-down menu to select ‘Grant Login Access’

    Grant login access to videos hosted on SproutVideo

  3. Choose the logins you want to be able to access your selected videos, configure the additional access settings, and click ‘Grant Access to Video’

    Save the setting to grant login access to videos hosted on SproutVideo

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