A common woe among people who would like to use video in their online marketing strategy is that their industry is just too boring. If you are one of them and are still racking your brain to come up with fun and interesting content for your videos, here are seven ideas to help you get started!

1. Don’t Talk About Your Product or Service… Too Much

Rather than focus on yourself, shine the spotlight on your audience! People love to hear about how you will make their life easier. Identify a problem your product or service solves, or a way it enhances people’s lives, and focus on that.

Your audience will not notice if your product in and of itself is boring because they will be too busy thinking about all the ways it will make their life easier!

2. Borrow Relevance

Incorporate trending brands, events, and ideas into your videos even if they have seemingly little to do with your company. For example, Warby Parker has established itself as a very cool brand, so if your audience identifies with them, have the person in your video wear a pair of their glasses. It really can be as simple as that!

The key is to find something recognizable, but with broad appeal. If your audience relates with you on that level, you have a better chance of keeping their attention.

3. Allow Yourself to Get Personal

Even if your product or service isn’t traditionally interesting, chances are, your story is. Share how your brand came to be and how you overcame challenges to get where you are.

Not only are people interested in a story for the connection, it will also convey how passionate you are about your company’s products and services. This will cause people to appreciate your hard work and to trust that your offerings are worth their money.

4. Customer Testimonials

You can shout how useful your products or services are from the rooftops, but a third party opinion is often more compelling to viewers. Think about it; of course you think your products and services are great, but a satisfied, objective customer vouching for you speaks volumes.

5. Allow Yourself to Get Silly

Engagement is the word of the day, and connecting with your audience by tickling their funny bone is great fourfold:

  1. It shows your brand can think outside the box
  2. You are a fun brand
  3. They are more likely remember your brand if you entertain them
  4. They’ll be more likely to share your video if you entertain them

6. Give Them Useful Information But Don’t Take All Day to Do It!

Maybe there are ways to use your product or service that people haven’t thought of. Show them how! Or, maybe there are similar products or services on the market, but yours is slightly different, and much better. Show them that, too!

Take the opportunity online video grants to show people how simple it is to use your products in many ways.

7. Feature Customer-Generated Content

User generated content is an awesome way to engage your audience. Create a video contest for your customers to show off how they use your products or services, compile a video using their submissions, and have viewers vote on a winner. Or, create a contest centered on your products or services and feature the winner in a video on your website.

For example, a company that sells tiles (not a particularly exciting product) might have a contest for customers to show how they used them to upgrade a room in their house.

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