As we dive into 2016, it’s a great time to think about how you’re going to keep your team pumped all year long.

Video is one of the tools in your toolkit whose value shouldn’t be underrated. Have you considered the ways you can use video to keep your team connected to each other and company culture? No? Let’s have a look!

1. News & Updates

Start the new year right by delivering a recap of 2015, and a look forward at what your team can expect in 2016. Video newsletters and quick video updates are a great way to deliver news in a personal way, and in a way that’s a lot more likely to get clicked than a boring old email newsletter.

2. Employee Spotlight

Use video to highlight members of the team who have gone above and beyond this year, who are new to the company, or who have crucial jobs that people may not be aware of. As a platform for sharing their stories and achievements, this is a way to put your team members front and center, and make sure your people know they’re appreciated. These can be put on your company website to give a view into your team for outsiders as well.

3. Town Hall Meeting

You can use a live video feed paired with a chat space to hold a Town Hall Meeting. This is a way for employees to be actively involved in big conversations within the company, boosting morale as well as potentially bringing in fresh ideas. It’s also a great way to connect across distances.

4. Competition

Want to get your people excited about a goal? Whether it’s work-related or purely for fun, you can use video to launch a contest, give weekly updates, and announce winners. For even more engagement, pair this with social media and email communications.

5. Employee-Generated Content

You’ll get more enthusiasm around your internal messages if you engage your team in producing the materials themselves, in their own voices and styles. This can be combined with contests (who can create the best video?), or employee spotlights (create a video about yourself in your own way, rather than in a stuffy studio with a script).

6. Financial Overview

Once a year, use video to give a view into the state of your organization’s progress, touching on financial goals and successes. This is especially beneficial in organizations where employees hold shares in the company.

7. Event Highlights

Whenever your company hosts or attends an important event, make sure you take some footage, interview key personalities, and then cut together a short video with the highlights. This is a way to extend some of the benefits of the event to those who couldn’t attend, with the added benefit of creating a legacy.

8. Thank You

Nothing is simpler and more appreciated than extending a simple Thank You to your team! After a great quarter, a big event, or a stressful period in your organization, it will breed a lot of goodwill if you take the time to extend a word of thanks—and video is a great way to do it.

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