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Top 7 Tools You Need to Elevate Your Solo Filming Projects

5 MIN TO READ While having a full-fledged video crew is great and has so many benefits, sometimes you’ll have to do video projects solo. This may seem like a daunting task, but with proper planning and some very helpful tools, you can become the one-person film crew of your dreams. In this post, we’ll show you seven essential tools for solo film projects….

Amazing Anamorphic: Add Cinematic Flair to Your Footage

7 MIN TO READ Anamorphic lenses are behind some of the most iconic shots in cinema. Their unique characteristics deliver footage with a specific look that movie-lovers and filmmakers fall for over and again. In this episode of our How To Video: Camera series, we’re taking a deep dive into anamorphic lenses, starting with their origins, and how the footage they produce differs from…

Optimal Optics: a Primer on Lenses

6 MIN TO READ In this episode of our How To Video: Camera series, we’re looking at lenses. The lens you select for your shoot can have a big impact on the resulting footage, as well as the process of filming itself. To help make sure you know which lens to grab for your next shoot, we’re comparing focal lengths, and the differences between…