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Four Steps Towards the Perfect Educational Video

6 MIN TO READ What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when I say ‘video marketing’? Chances are you’re thinking about explainer videos, funny ads or even customer testimonials. I’d bet a dollar to a dime that you can even go further from those types of videos but you’d never think about educational video.  You’re not alone – most business owners neglect…

10 Best Practices for Creating an Engaging Video Learning Center

8 MIN TO READ Keeping up with the pace of change in the modern world can feel overwhelming. After a long day, it requires a lot of discipline to pick up a book or go to a talk. Even reading an article can inspire pangs of guilt when to-do’s are piling up on your desk. This is exactly where video learning centers come in….

10 New Ways to Engage Students with Video

3 MIN TO READ Have you ever wondered how to harness the power of video in the classroom? In our previous post we shared engaging video assignments for elementary and middle school students. Now, we’re going to look at how it can be used to enhance your students’ learning experience (and cut down on your administrative tasks!).

Ten Engaging Video Assignments to Get Your Students Talking

5 MIN TO READ In the classroom, video means instant engagement, and making video is an increasingly important skill for youngsters to develop. We’ve put together ten exciting assignment ideas that will help elementary and middle school teachers get their students making great video! Parents, feel free to steal these ideas for rainy weekends, too.

Educational Video is the New Marketing Video

4 MIN TO READ The new marketing video is not remotely about you, your product, or your company. It’s about what you can teach your audience that will make them smarter, more efficient, or more effective at something they care about. Here is a breakdown of why educational videos have become such a key part of successful content strategies, and inspirational examples of brands…

5 Tips for Using Video for Employee Training

4 MIN TO READ When talking about online video, cat videos and viral campaigns immediately come to mind. However, as a communication medium, there is nothing more effective than video. This makes it particularly appealing as a tool for employee training. Importantly, video can save a substantial amount of time and money for businesses undertaking a major training program. Read on for our top…

How Video is Changing the Face of Education

2 MIN TO READ Online video has been driving change and innovation in nearly every industry, and education is no exception. When it comes to helping students grasp and retain new concepts, video has been proven to be one of the most valuable tools in a teacher’s kit. However, video’s impact on education has moved far beyond the occasional DVD in the classroom. So,…