Account Audit Log

NOTE: The Audit Log is only available with certain plans. Contact our support team at to find out more.

With SproutVideo’s multi-user capability you can invite team members to your account to help you manage your video library. The Account Audit Log helps you keep track of what everyone is up to within your SproutVideo account. If you’re an account owner or admin, you can easily check and see who uploaded a video, changed a privacy setting, or edited a detail about your account.

Checking Your Account Audit Log

To check your account audit log you will need to be , hover over the Account menu in the main navigation bar, and select ‘Account Audit Log’.

SproutVideo Account Audit Log

The audit log will list all actions taken by your team members. You are able to filter by different team members, categories, and actions. You can also generate a report for a given time frame.

Audit Log

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