How to Export a CSV Report of Video Engagement Data

Note: This feature is only available on certain plans. Contact with any questions.

What’s Included in the Video Engagement Report?

The exportable engagement report is a CSV file which includes all of the engagement data collected for your videos. This makes it really easy to analyze all of your engagement sessions to review who watched your video and how much of the video they viewed.

This report will contain data on the following:

  • The date of each engagement session
  • The unique ID number of each viewer’s session
  • The viewer’s email address, if available
  • The viewer’s name, if you gave them a nickname
  • The URL where the engagement session occurred
  • The IP address of the viewer
  • The device, operating system, and browser the viewer used to watch the video
  • The playback method used
  • The country, region, and city they viewed the video in, based on IP address
  • The total number of seconds watched
  • The percentage of the video watched

This data will be compiled in the exported CSV file.

How To Export the Video Engagement Report

First, navigate to the ‘Engagement’ page for a particular video. Then click the ‘Generate Report’ button.

Generate Video Engagement Report

Once the report is compiled, you’ll receive an email containing a link to download your report. Once the link is clicked, a browser window will open and download the CSV file.

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