How to Post on Patreon

Posting to Patreon

SproutVideo supports sharing videos on Patreon, so you can host video content on our platform, then charge your Patreon subscribers for access to those videos.

When sharing a SproutVideo URL on Patreon, it is important that you set the video to be Public before copying the Share Video URL and pasting it into your Patreon post. The video needs to be Public so that Patreon can pull the Embed code from our platform. Once the post is published on Patreon, you must set the video back to Private within your SproutVideo account so the video will only appear for a subscriber on your Patron page.

Note: This method will only work for viewers using Patreon on a desktop or mobile web browser. The Patreon Mobile App does not support embedding private videos from our platform. You can instruct your viewers to use their desktop or mobile web browser to view your videos.

Here are the steps for sharing a video on Patreon.

1) Set the video to be Public within your SproutVideo account.

Set the video to Public

2) Copy the Share URL we provide.

Copy the Share URL

3) Paste the URL copied above into the Video Link field on Patreon. Give your post a Title and Description.

Paste the Share URL in Patreon

Note: If you’ve pasted the URL in the Patreon post before setting it to Public and the URL isn’t working, you will need to make a clone of your video in your SproutVideo account. Ensure that the cloned video is set to Public, copy the new Share Video URL and then paste the new URL in the Patreon post.

4) Publish the Patreon Post for your specific Tier.

Publish Patreon post

5) Once the post is published, you must set the video back to Private within your SproutVideo account, so it will only appear to subscribers on your Patreon page.

Set video to private

Alert: We recommend contacting Patreon directly and requesting they add native support for SproutVideo on their mobile app. You can also have your Patrons, who use the mobile app, submit requests to help us bring more attention to it.

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