You can manage your subscription plan by moving your mouse over the person icon at the top of your screen and clicking Account Settings.

Navigate to account settings

Then click on "Change Plans" on the lefthand side of your screen. You can then select the plan that suits your needs by selecting the bubble above the plan:

Manage your subscription settings to activate your SproutVideo account

Next, confirm that you want to switch plans. You can upgrade or downgrade your paid SproutVideo account at anytime:

Upgrade or downgrade your SproutVideo account

When you change plans, your monthly subscription is prorated, and you are credited for any unused days on your last billing cycle, less any overage charges. If there is a credit remaining, it is applied against the purchase of your new subscription plan. Your billing date resets to the day on which you change plans.

Section: Account Related Questions
Last Updated: December 11, 2017