How to Edit the Title and Description of a Video

Video titles carry the most weight as far as keyword indexing is concerned, so editing the video title is a must for most people who are optimizing their online hosted videos for SEO. A technique that often works well is matching the title of your video to the title of the page on which it is embedded.

Just like the title field, a good way to help search engines correctly index a video is to have the description field match the description meta tag of the page on which it was embedded, and to align the keywords in the description with those found in the video title.

Edit the Video Title

Go to the Videos tab, and open the video for which you would like to change the title. Click on the title of the video:

Edit the title of a video hosted on SproutVideo

Enter a title that makes sense for the topic of the video and for search terms people might use to find your video, then press enter or click outside the text box:

Click to finish editing the title of a video hosted on SproutVideo

Edit the Video Description

Edit the description by clicking on the pen icon under Video Description next to the video player:

Edit the description of a video hosted on SproutVideo

Enter your desired video description, being sure to include relevant search terms, then click outside the text box to save your description:

Save the changes to your video description

Note: most search engines penalize keyword stuffing, which is when a string of keywords are used in an attempt to manipulate search engine results pages. It is better to write a natural description of your videos, and short, appropriate titles, than to try and stuff a lot of different search terms into either field.

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