How to Enable a Custom Post-Play Screen for a Video

A post-play screen is displayed after your video has finished playing. It can be used to display a link, text, or email list sign up form. Post-play screens are powerful because they are presented to highly engaged viewers who stuck around to see everything you had to say in your video. Use them to keep your audience engaged, on your site, and moving forward in your conversion funnel.

How to Set Up a Post-Play Screen

First, open the video for which you would like to customize the post-play screen. Then, click on ‘Customize Embed Code’ underneath the video player on the righthand side of the screen or click the ‘Player Options’ tab at the top of your screen:

Edit the post-play screen for a video hosted on SproutVideo

Enable the toggle switch for the Post-Play screen then, click the ‘Manage Post-Play Options’ button.

Enable the post-play screen for your video hosted on SproutVideo

You can use the text box to enter the text to be displayed, and a URL to point to below. Click Done when you are finished:

Enable the post-play screen for your video hosted on SproutVideo

Add an Email Signup Form

You can use the HTML box to get really fancy, and do something like add an email list sign up form. It is best to select a signup form that is as basic as possible, like MailChimp’s “Slim” form, and to use HTML or CSS to customize the embed code after pasting it into the field on SproutVideo. Please refer to our blog post on setting up a MailChimp signup form for step-by-step instructions on how to do that.

Once you’ve got everything looking exactly the way you like, click the ‘Save Settings’ button. Finally, copy your new video embed code and insert it into the code for the page on which you want it to appear. Your embedded videos will now display a post-play screen!

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