No matter how many times a sales rep raves about your product or service, it can’t compete with a glowing review or testimonial from an actual customer. It’s like having a friend recommend a product; you’re automatically inclined to trust them.

In this blog post, we’ll take a look at why video testimonials resonate so well with audiences, using two examples from our own archive.

What is a Video Testimonial?

A testimonial is a recorded statement by happy, satisfied customers who support your business. The participants sometimes volunteer, and sometimes they’re asked (nicely) to participate.

Our first example is from a long-time client, VMG Cinematic. VMG specializes in video production, and needed a video hosting solution to work for their high-volume video demands. We’ll break down the reasons why we think our video testimonial structure is effective and powerful for businesses.

Familiar Structure

When watching the video above, one might notice that it has a very familiar vibe to it. That’s because it follows a simplified version of the three-act structure used in films, novels, and video games, which consist of: setup, confrontation, and resolution. The first act introduces all the major characters and themes. The second act builds on the first by raising the stakes and showing what problems may arise for the characters. And lastly, the third act should bring some kind of conclusion to the story.

For our videos, the three-act structure looks like this: the customer introduces themselves and their business. They then take the viewer through a pain point or problem. Finally, they finish by describing how our product helps their business prosper. The three-act structure works well because it’s so familiar; since your audience sees it all the time, you can be sure it will resonate with them.

Building Trust

People trust the opinions of others, which is why sites like Yelp are so popular. And a good testimonial is the business version of getting the seal of approval from a friend. Potential customers want to hear from real people and it’s important to keep this in mind when filming. Make sure whoever is on camera is speaking authentically. If the script is focused too heavily on the marketing side or the product itself, it might appear insincere. For tips on how to make your message more genuine, check out our post, “The Best Way to Make Authentic Videos.” 

Beyond having a genuine voice, testimonials work well for B2B audiences because they build trust. A Demand Gen Report states that 97% of B2B customers cited testimonials as the most reliable type of content. In order to leverage any and all methods of building trust with potential clients, our marketing team incorporates video testimonials as part of our strategy. Showing potential customers a reliable piece of content is an easy way to build trust and get them to try your product or service.

Choosing the Right Customers

If you’re anything like us, you might have a lot of qualified customers that you’d love to feature, but how do you find the right one? Choose a satisfied customer, illustrate unique use cases for your product, and highlight easily relatable companies. For our second video testimonial, we chose Ken and Dana Designs. They fit all these criteria, and allowed us to craft an emotionally-driven, authentic narrative with stunning supporting visuals.

Visually Captivating

We want to make sure our testimonials are dynamic and interesting enough to keep our audience’s attention. To do this, we use B-roll that relates directly to what the speaker is saying. Functionally, these B-roll shots help the viewer stay fully immersed in the subject’s business. In the Ken and Dana video above, the story could have fallen flat without the shots of the workshop, couple, and the crafting of the ring. For tips on capturing cool B-roll, check out our post, “25 Cool Places and Spaces to Shoot B-Roll.”

Evoking Emotion

Ken and Dana Designs is a family business that works with couples to create the perfect wedding ring. It’s a relatable topic that pairs business goals with what could be an emotional experience. We incorporated B-roll and appropriate music to set the tone to create a heartwarming testimonial. A video that evokes an emotional response will always persuade them to give your product a try. If you can select a company whose story might strike the right chord and influence with your audience, you’ve found the right subject for your film.

Use Cases for Your Product or Service

This might seem obvious, but don’t forget to leave enough time to promote your product. While building trust and emotional connections with your viewer is important, we can’t forget the main purpose of creating a video testimonial is to sell products.

For us, this section is especially important because of the wide variety of use cases associated with our business. In each video above, our customers highlight the numerous ways they use our product. Having multiple examples from different customers is a great way to demonstrate the versatility of your product.

When done correctly, video testimonials can be a powerful tool to bring in new clients. We’d love to learn about how you have created video testimonials. Let us know in the comments below.