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Ikey is the Marketing Content Strategist at SproutVideo.

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Mapping Video Marketing Content to Tactics and Tools

5 min to read
Hubspot + SproutVideo

Learn How Media Bridge Streamlines Hubspot/SproutVideo Integration

3 min to read
Video Editing Programs

Best Software for Editing Video at Every Level

6 min to read
Live Stream Delivery

Six Steps to Nail Your Live On-Camera Delivery

4 min to read
Audio Recording Equipment

How To Get the Best Audio in Any Environment

5 min to read
Solo Filming

Top 7 Tools You Need to Elevate Your Solo Filming Projects

5 min to read
Overhead Camera

6 Videos You Can Make Without Showing Your Face

5 min to read
After Effects 3D Camera

Adobe After Effects: Rotoscoping and 3D Camera Animation

8 min to read
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