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Ikey Ajavon


Ikey is the Marketing Content Strategist at SproutVideo.

POSTS BY Ikey Ajavon

Video Goals

Setting Goals for Video Marketing

6 min to read
Recording Video

2021 Video Marketing Refresh

4 min to read
Smartphone video accessories

Four Steps to Turn Your Smartphone Into a Camcorder

5 min to read
Video on Social

The Importance of Sharing Videos on Social

4 min to read
Stock Video Site

Best Practices for Creating a Video Using Stock Footage

5 min to read

Mapping Video Marketing Content to Tactics and Tools

5 min to read
Hubspot + SproutVideo

Learn How Media Bridge Streamlines Hubspot/SproutVideo Integration

3 min to read
Video Editing Programs

Best Software for Editing Video at Every Level

6 min to read