We write a lot about how to make compelling marketing videos on your own. However, sometimes it’s best (or even necessary) to hire a professional.

You might lack needed equipment, time, or familiarity with the filming process. No matter the reason, hiring a professional freelance videographer can really pay off.

If you’ve never hired a freelance videographer, or have no idea where to find one, we’ll help you get started.

1. Film Departments at Universities

Hiring students offers many advantages. You are getting someone who has extensive training and experience. They know the newest trends and best practices in video creation.

They are likely to have access to the necessary equipment, and plenty of fresh enthusiasm for their craft. It’s also likely their prices might be lower since many are trying to add quality projects to their portfolio.

Check with professors to find out how to advertise the project to students. You might be able to leave a flyer in a hallway or the library, for instance.

2. Job Boards

Not all job boards are created equal. We’ve found the following websites to be particularly helpful in finding freelance videographers:

RedditForHire: Enter “videographer” in the search field, and limit your results to only those found in /r/forhire.

Peopleperhour.com: Be sure to use tags such as “video production” or “video editing” to narrow results down to exactly the service you need.

ProductionHub: Scriptwriting, storyboarding, and even talent for hire. This site has you covered!

3. Social Media

When used strategically, social media can lead you to quality talent. The film community is a tight knit and social bunch.

On Twitter, use hashtags to search and monitor conversations surrounding video professionals. On Facebook and Twitter, like or follow the pages and accounts that are comprised of video professionals. Start the conversation with a simple question, and see where it goes.

4. Marketing Agencies

This is probably the most expensive of the options shared today. There is something to be said for hiring a professional team that has the in-house equipment, human resources, and track-record to back up their price tag.

Shop around, and try to find a studio that can accommodate your budget. Check their past work extensively to see if their style will translate well for your brand.

5. Personal Recommendations

Word of mouth is often the best route to take when hiring freelancers for a video project. Talk to your colleagues and friends who have hired video professionals, and ask them for recommendations. It can save you a lot of time and effort.

For best results, as with any project you outsource, it is imperative to be very clear about your expectations and your timeline. The right professional will ask a lot of questions up front, and deliver results on time.

Have you ever hired a video professional? How did it go? Do you have any words of wisdom to share? Leave your comments below or share with us on Facebook and Twitter (@sproutvideo).