In recent years, both transparency and corporate responsibility have become major components of many organizations’ public relations strategies. Why is it so important to be transparent to consumers? Because these days, people genuinely care about the origins of what they’re buying.

Empowered by the internet to seek and find information about where products come from and how they’re made, companies that provide windows into their inner workings tend to have much better reputations than those that remain closed off. But how can you share the inside scoop in a way that will get people paying attention? Enter video.

One thing that videos are great for is providing a window—or a doorway—into your company’s inner workings. In this post, we’re looking at a few examples of companies that have used video to share their design and production processes with the public, noting what makes each one so effective along the way.

Mom, Where do Maseratis Come From?

Ever wondered how the most beautiful cars in the world are made? Wonder no more: this video from Siemens takes you inside a Maserati factory, providing a privileged look behind the curtain.

Why we like it: This video is incredibly simple, short, and uses 360-degree video to full advantage. It probably took next to nothing to produce, but it leaves a lasting impression.

Story Without Words

This video from Drop Dead Clothing does a fantastic job of showcasing both the production process and the clothing line in a step-by-step video that is both fascinating and haunting … and does this entirely without narration or dialogue.

Why we like it: The thoughtful decisions made on lighting and music choice, as well as some very good editing, set an appropriately fun, dark and slightly subversive tone for the brand. We also loved the visual journey from idea to final product, and the attention to detail kept our eyes glued to the screen from start to finish.

A Swedish Solution

It’s no secret that IKEA knows how to tell a story. In this video, a team of IKEA designers walk us quickly through the process of creating a chair—and in doing so, capture the IKEA spirit to a T.

Why we like it: The vision of the company is placed front and center in this video—to make furniture that is beautiful and affordable—and that remains the clear central point of the video throughout, making it an easy-to-understand bit of PR. We also like how it emphasizes the Swedish ethos (and the IKEA design ethos) in an understated way, making clear that collaboration, practicality, and human relationships are all important to good design.

Powered by Nature

In this video, UK company Ecover took a more traditional approach to the “come on inside” video to promote a new, ecologically-friendly factory opening in 2012—taking the chance to promote products and ethos at the same time.

Why we like it: Basically this is just a very convincing video, targeted straight at the environmentally-minded people they want to sell to. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel to make a great video, and they prove it by laying out clear and simply how they take environmental issues seriously in every aspect of production, from the green roof of the factory to the sustainable fleeces they give to their employees.

Has your company made a great behind-the-scenes video? We love seeing the good stuff—send it along! Leave a comment below or tweet us a link!