App integrations allow you to get even more functionality by connecting with the other software you use. This new library of apps is made possible by highly secure authentication, called OAuth2.0.

OAuth2.0 allows us to work with developers and companies to create applications that seamlessly integrate with your account for improved workflow, marketing, and sales functionality. 

OAuth2.0 completes a long-standing SproutVideo goal. We can now work with companies and developers to build app integrations for the platform. Unlike API keys, these integrations will be available for all customers and seamlessly integrate with your account.

We’re excited to introduce three app integrations already available in your SproutVideo account today. We’ll also discuss the many benefits of OAuth2.0 authentication support! 

3 Apps to Integrate with Your Account

The applications below are available now for easy integration with your SproutVideo account. We’re excited to add to this library of valuable integrations to help you get more done in less time. 

Sky Pilot

Sell access to your videos with Sky Pilot. This Shopify application makes selling digital downloads and products, like videos, easy. Directly within Sky Pilot’s settings, you can choose SproutVideo as your hosting platform to share the necessary information between accounts. 


Localize your content with cloud-based Crowdin. Using the SproutVideo integration, Crowdin will automatically produce translated subtitles for your videos, allowing the value of your business to be received by people worldwide. 


Use our Zapier integration to connect your SproutVideo account with over 5,000 different applications. Zapier can automate repetitive tasks by creating “zaps,” which are automated workflows initiated by a specific event or action.

What Makes These Integrations Possible? 

Previously, the SproutVideo platform only supported API keys. These offered a way to authenticate our application and use our API with third-party software. However, API keys can access all of a user’s account information. If unauthorized parties access that information, it requires manual revocation.

OAuth2.0 allows SproutVideo users to easily integrate their accounts with third-party applications and securely exchange data.

OAuth2.0 authentication support (for SproutVideo users):

  • Grants access to only the specific information authorized within the application.
  • Uses token-based authorization, which is more secure than API keys.
  • Allows you to easily revoke access to third-party applications at any time.

For more information on understanding OAuth2.0, read Aaron Parecki’s Simplified Guide. For a less technical overview, check out David Neal’s Illustrated Guide

OAuth2.0 Specifics for Developers

The additional support for OAuth2.0 opens the door for developers to create applications that interact with SproutVideo. 

Developers creating a SproutVideo integration are welcome to email us for questions and help at

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