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Hello, Hitchcock: Replicating Angles to Enhance Your Videos

4 MIN TO READ When it comes to getting the right feel for your videos, anticipating your audience’s emotions is key. For lessons on how to do it right, who better to look to than one of the greatest filmmakers of all time, and arguably the master of visual narrative, Alfred Hitchcock? In a fifty-year film career, Hitchcock pioneered a number of visual effects…

Converting With Video: The Kickstarter Way

2 MIN TO READ Kickstarter is famous for making crowdsourcing a mainstream phenomenon. But, did you know their success can be largely attributed to their brilliantly simple formula for making a great marketing video? Kickstarter even teaches people who may not know much about video campaigns how to create effective content with their Kickstarter School. They do this by boiling it down to three straightforward steps. In this…