Upload Video to SproutVideo

We’re pleased to announce our new uploader today. Going forward, your video uploads will be faster, easier, and more reliable. Keep reading for the details on the changes we made, and tips for optimizing your uploads.

Upload Video Easily

We overhauled the mechanism behind video uploads to make uploading faster and more reliable. We’ve also added the ability to drag and drop videos right on to the webpage to make selecting the videos you’d like to upload as simple as possible.

We’ve also added more information about your uploads so you can see the progress of your uploads, an estimate of how much time is left before your uploads finish, and the speed at which your videos are uploading.

Even better, the new uploader is built in HTML5 and no longer relies on Adobe Flash. You don’t have to install any annoying plugins or ensure your browser is up-to-date (though the latter is a good idea anyway).

Tips for Optimizing Video Uploads

When filming, capture the highest quality footage possible to ensure your videos can be displayed in true HD quality online.

During the export process, make sure that your videos are optimized for the web by following our video compression guidelines.

For more ideas on optimizing your video uploads, check out these seven best practices for uploading videos online.

We think these tips, and the new uploader will make your uploading experience much more streamlined. Let us know what you think in the comments below!

We hope you enjoy the updated video uploader. Test it out and upload videos today! You can get started for free by opening a trial account on our platform.