Marketing Integrations

Marketing Integrations

This video will cover the marketing platforms SproutVideo can integrate with, how to collect contact information from your viewers, and how to share a video in an email marketing campaign.

Enable a Marketing Integration

To enable one of the Marketing Integrations navigate to ‘Account Settings,’ then select ‘Integrations.’ Here you can connect any of the listed platforms with your SproutVideo account.

Click the ‘Connect’ button next to the marketing platform you use, then enter your credentials for that 3rd party provider in the dialog box that appears. Click ‘Allow’ when prompted to permit SproutVideo to connect to that platform.

Once connected, when a viewer watches any of your videos with Lead Capture enabled, their email address, first and last name if required, and we will pass the title of the video they watched automatically into your selected marketing platform.

Enable Lead Capture

To enable Lead Capture navigate to the video where you want to collect contact information from your viewers. Scroll down to the Lead Capture field and toggle the ‘Require an email address to watch this video’ option and toggle it ‘On.’ You can also toggle the switch to ‘On’ for the ‘Enable required first and last name’ field if you’d like. Click ‘Save Changes’ when you are done.

You can also customize the Lead Capture message if you are embedding your video on an external website and display a link to your companies privacy policy.

Email Embed Code

An email embed code allows you to quickly and easily place your video poster frame in an email marketing campaign, where the image is linked to a video landing page (or URL of your choice). We’ll also automatically capture and track your recipients’ email addresses and report on viewer activity in your video engagement metrics.

To get the email embed code for your platform of choice, click on the video you’d like to embed, then navigate to the ‘Email Embed’ option under the video on the righthand side of the page. Select your ‘Email Marketing Provider’ from the list. Then click the ‘Copy Embed Code’ button or click directly on the code to copy your video’s email embed code.

You can also customize the Email Embed Code from the Player Options page. Here you can change the image’s size that will appear in your email, change the player color or theme, select your email service provider, and change the image destination URL.

When a viewer watches a video from your email campaign, we will automatically track them by their email address and pass that into your marketing platform if your Marketing Integration is enabled.

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