Creating a great video campaign can involve a lot of planning. But, what if you want to start getting your video content out there right away?

Here’s a list of videos you can make tomorrow. They require minimal planning, and no market research necessary. Even better, these videos cost next to nothing to make, provided you have a camera and simple editing software.

1. Customer testimonial

Are you going to see a customer tomorrow? If so, ask their permission to film them giving a short testimonial.

If you don’t have direct access to your customers, it will only take five minutes to film a team member reading out a customer testimonial in the form of an e-mail or Tweet you’ve received. Be sure to give that customer a quick shout-out and thank you.

2. Product demonstration

Film a quick demo of how to use your product. This is a chance to showcase a new feature, or to explain a tricky feature that results in a lot of customer questions.

3. Interview with a team member: company story

Get a team member to agree to give their take on the company, for example their sense of the company mission, or to tell the company’s history in three minutes or less.

4. Interview with a team member: on the job

Follow a team member during an interesting part of their workday, asking them to narrate what they do in three minutes or less.

5. Answer a FAQ about your product or service

Is there a question that keeps getting asked by your customers? Take a few minutes and have someone explain the solution in a short video. Then refer customers to this video from your FAQ page.

6. New use of your product

If your product can be used in a variety of ways, demonstrate one of the lesser known ones, or make up a fun one.

Do you sell vodka? Create a new drink and show users how to make it at home. Or, showcase how you can use vodka in unexpected ways around the house.

7. Give an inside look at a staff day or event

At your next staff event — even if that’s an impromptu dinner after work — pull out your smartphone and film a bit of the fun. Edit it later to give a look into what the team is like outside of work. Try to leave out the embarrassing parts.

8. Ask your audience a question

Crowdsource! Take a moment to ask your audience a question related to your product. Take requests for new features, services or product options. This is a great way to get ideas for future ventures. It also spreads a sense of ownership among active members of your community.

9. Offer a list of tips

Have a team member list and explain a few tips for getting the most out of your product or service. The smartphone in your pocket could probably suffice to film an off-the-cuff, insider take on the best aspects of your product.

10. Join a conversation

Take an opportunity to comment on something your community is talking about on other platforms. This is the time to give a point of view, a valuable insight, or an expert opinion. A simple video like this could even be filmed with a webcam.

Have any more suggestions for our list? We’d love to hear them. Find us at @SproutVideo on Twitter, or leave a comment below.