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Update: Iframe Embedded Player

2 MIN TO READ We recently introduced a new type of video embed code. Our new embeds use an <iframe> element to embed video in your site as opposed to an <object> or <embed> tag. This will be the standard for the SproutVideo hosting platform going forward. Read on to learn about the benefits of iframe embed codes!

Update: Store Your Source Video

2 MIN TO READ Every video uploaded to SproutVideo is encoded for optimal playback online. If you want to be able to allow viewers to download your original, uncompressed video, you’ll love this new feature we just added. Do you use SproutVideo to archive your video content? Are your videos exported with precise visual or audio settings? Are you using SproutVideo as a backup…

Allow Visitors to Download your Videos

2 MIN TO READ The top requested feature from all our users has been to allow visitors to download your videos. Well, your wish is granted! Now you can you can allow viewers to download either the SD, HD or original source video (if available). Read on to find out how you can easily enable video downloads for your audience.