Every video uploaded to SproutVideo is encoded for optimal playback online. If you want to be able to allow viewers to download your original, uncompressed video, you’ll love this new feature we just added.

Do you use SproutVideo to archive your video content? Are your videos exported with precise visual or audio settings? Are you using SproutVideo as a backup system for your video?

You can now store your source video and enable downloads for viewers. Keep reading to learn more about how this feature works.

All About Storing Your Source Videos

You can now choose to store a copy of your videos in the original format that was uploaded. This is the perfect feature to use in instances where you want viewers to be able to access a very specific format of your video.

We call this the “Source Video.”

How to Start Saving Your Source Videos

To begin storing source for your videos:

  1. Log into your account and go to “Account Settings”
  2. Select “Video Settings”
  3. Check the “Keep my original source video” box
  4. Click the “Save Video Settings” button to save your options
  5. For videos you upload in the future, we’ll now save a copy of the original source

How to Share Your Source Videos

Source videos are only available for downloading purposes. You cannot play a video in its original format through the SproutVideo player, because videos have to be encoded for optimal performance on all modern browsers, devices, and operating systems upon being uploaded to our platform.

If you’d like to allow viewers to download your source video, here’s a guide to enabling downloads for all your videos, or just specific videos within your account. By default, downloads are not enabled for videos on the SproutVideo hosting platform.

Please note that opting to store your source videos will count as part of your overall storage allotment. Also, if you uncheck this option in the future, any stored source videos will be removed from your account.

Ready to setup your video archive, or share your specially formatted videos? Open a free trial today. If you have any questions, please let us know in the comments or reach out to our support team.