Do you know the perfect way to lose an online sale? Forcing your customer to stop the purchase process to phone or email your company to ask a question. Creating a comprehensive, video-based self-service process will ensure customers are equipped with all the information they need to make a purchase decision.

Additionally, it’s important to continue to provide outstanding customer service after customers buy. Video support that answers questions quickly and accurately will help turn new customers into repeat customers.

In this blog, we set out the six most important types of videos you need to provide clear, easy to follow online support for potential buyers as well as recent customers.

The FAQ Video

There are probably questions that you’re asked all the time by customers. Do they have trouble resetting their passwords? Maybe they’re uncertain how the returns process works. Perhaps you’ve even put together an FAQ page to answer these questions.

But, people engage more with video. If customers keep coming back to ask the same questions, that’s a sign that they’re not looking at your written content. And that’s where video comes in.

Don’t confine your FAQ videos to the help section of your website. Instead, position them on pages where your customers are likely to need them. For example, if you’re selling a product that requires assembly, place the “Step-by-Step Assembly Instructions” video right on the product page.

The Updated Video

When you release a new product or service, one of the first things you’ll likely do is to promote it using video. But, have you remembered to also update all video information relating to the product?

A completely redesigned product means that there will be a new set of videos to produce. For instance, FAQs, how-to’s, and customer support videos might all need to be reworked. Even if you only revamped your user interface, it’s important that your customers understand how to navigate it.

By constantly updating your self-service videos, customers will know that you are on top of what matters to them.

The Set-Up Process Video

Particularly with new technology, customers are wary of purchasing something that is difficult to set up and use. It is all too easy to lose a sale by failing to communicate how easy it is to get started with your product.

A short video tutorial demonstrating what to do will reduce phone calls from customers and returned products. It will also persuade potential customers that they should take the plunge and purchase!

Our post 6 Video Tutorials that Inspire will give you a new perspective on video tutorial production.

live chat

The ‘We Have the Answer Right Here’ Live Chat Video

More than half of US adults who shop online will abandon their online purchase if they can’t find a quick answer to their question. Speedy customer service is essential to complete a sale, which is why so many online businesses now offer live chat.

Savvy business owners can combine live chat with video tutorials to ensure that customers receive accurate information. Almost 80% of customers report that the most important thing a company can do is to value their time. So, a live chat assistant who can provide the right information quickly and efficiently is one that will make the customer happy.

Live chat is often where customers will ask questions about highly specific areas of your product or service. It’s key to produce a library of videos that provide detailed solutions to their concerns. Customer service providers should be familiar with the videos so they can quickly select which ones to share with customers.

The Contributed Video

You might think you know everything there is to know about your product. You’d be surprised at how innovative your customers are!

Reach out to ask your customers for video-based feedback on how they use your product. It’s an excellent opportunity to show potential buyers how your product can make a difference to them.

We have everything need to know about making a customer testimonial video in our post How to Get Great Customer Testimonials on Camera.

The ‘Oops, Something Went Wrong, But Don’t Panic – We Can Help’ Video

Even the best products sometimes have faults. It’s how you help customers deal with problems that will determine the quality of their experience with your company.

You could replace absolutely every product with a minor problem. Or, depending on the issue, you could use video to provide guidance on how the customer can fix it themselves. Of course, this depends on the nature of your product and the fault. But, a DIY repair solution will mean that your profit margins aren’t slashed.

Your how-to video should be straightforward, with plenty of close ups so the audience can see exactly what to do. A good instructional video will also be supported with links to downloadable guides and contact information. SproutVideo allows you to add a wealth of extra features to your videos; learn more here.


Effective self-service leads to a happier customer and a more profitable business

This is the digital age. Customers want to access information quickly. Self-service videos that are accurate, detailed, easy-to-find, and up-to-date will lead to a better customer experience.

Video adds an extra dimension to the customer service offered by a business. It is important that the body of video content is well-organized. Customer advisors should be well trained in how to use it effectively. Self-service videos are an effective way to complete a sale, make customers feel happy and confident, and bring about repeat sales.

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