One thing that’s true of most teams is that you get a mix of personalities—at least if you’re lucky. As you prepare to launch your video marketing strategy for 2016, one thing that should be on your mind is how to leverage the best aspects of each team member’s skill set and working style to make better videos.

There are a LOT of personality types out there, but we only have so much space. Here’s how to make the most of the strengths (and identify likely weaknesses) of the four most common styles of personality out there. Be mindful of the fact that some people on your team could fall into more than one of these categories.

And we’d love to know: which one are you?

Analyst silhouette

The Analyst

This is the thinker on your team. This personality style is characterized by the ability to see the “big picture” and understand how multiple areas within an organization can potentially work together.

Excels at: Developing overall video strategy; storyboarding; leading brainstorming sessions; tracking and analyzing engagement data; market research; explaining complicated concepts on video.

Worst at: Executing the “nuts and bolts” of the production process; communicating economic value.

Use them best by: Giving them an opportunity to shape the final product through planning.

Diplomat Silhouette

The Diplomat

This is the person (or people) on your team who can inspire and motivate. The Diplomat has charisma and the ability to solve “people problems,” as well as being unafraid to get in front of the camera.

Excels at: Starring and interviewing on-camera; winning over stakeholders or investors; keeping a team motivated; having a finger on the pulse of trends; working on co-promotions and managing B2B collaborations.

Worst at: Planning timelines, being aware of production constraints, carrying out administration duties.

Use them best by: Putting them in front of the camera.

Executive Silhouette

The Executive

This person is great at asking the tough questions, can assess the practicalities of any situation, and is great at thinking of what could go wrong. They understand the practical value, including the economic value, of various options that might be available, and they’re good at making decisions quickly.

Excels at: Selecting and managing external contractors; directing technical aspects of production; creating or approving production schedules; cutting extraneous material from scripts and/or final videos; connecting video strategy with sales targets.

Worst at: Scripting; creative branding elements, like visual design; video directing.

Use them best by: Having them facilitate others.

Man on bike silhouette

The Explorer

This is the rogue adventurer of your team. They have a lot of energy, are independent, and ready to try new things. The explorer type is capable of entertaining a group or the camera, as well as able to get concepts off the ground where others might struggle to find the confidence needed to execute. This is the classic “entrepreneurial” personality.

Excels at: Pitching to investors or clients; directing videos; starring in videos; piloting exciting concepts; graphic design and animation; capturing rich footage from events; collaborating on scripts; coming up with innovative solutions.

Worst at: Keeping to a deadline; being careful about budgetary constraints; managing other personalities on the team.

Use them best by: Giving them ownership of creative elements as much as possible.

So, what are you planning to do with video in 2016? Let us know what you’re up to! Drop us a comment below or tweet to us.