If you’ve ever wanted to specify the exact people that are allowed to view your video, you’re in luck. Today, we’re launching login protected videos. Find out how to assign video access to specific people, and how to regulate their video access at a very granular level, in this post.

All About Viewer Logins

You can now assign multiple viewer logins to videos, giving you very granular control over video access permissions. Also, you can create as many logins as you’d like, and grant video access to as many videos as you’d like.

The settings are simple and straightforward:

Login Protection Settings for Videos Hosted on SproutVideo

Detailed Viewer Login Settings

For each login, you can specify:

  • Email Address
  • Password
  • Time access begins
  • Time access ends
  • Which versions (SD, HD, Original Copy) of the video are downloadable

Except for email and password, which are required, all of the login settings are optional and disabled by default. This gives you total control over how and when people can interact with your videos.

For instance, you could give one person view-only access to your videos for 3 days, give another user permission to download the HD version of your video, and allow yet another user to download the original copy of the video. Or, any combination you can come up with.

How it Works

Now, when a visitor reaches one of your login protected videos, either on a SproutVideo landing page or embedded on a website, they’ll be presented with a login form. They will only be able to watch the video if they enter a valid email address and password.

Tracking Login Activity

We also wanted to give our users some insight into how and when their videos are being watched on an individual user level. When you’ve enabled login protection for your videos, we track the following information:

  • User – who watched your video
  • Time of action – when the activity occurred
  • Action Taken (Login, Load, Play) – how the viewer interacted with your video
  • Website where the action occurred
  • IP Address of the user who performed the action

This can be very helpful if, for instance, you had a training video that you wanted to make sure was watched by your whole team. Or, any instance where you need a traceable report of activity with your videos.

We hope you enjoy this new feature! It represents a big improvement in the privacy options available to you within your SproutVideo account. As always, we look forward to your feedback.