Video analytics are a powerful way to demonstrate that your content marketing strategy is working. We just added new metrics to our core analytics platform to enhance the data at your disposal. Keep reading to see what’s new!

Video Analytics – Track What Matters

SproutVideo offers some of the most robust video analytics available on the market today. You can use them to uncover key details about your audience, such as where they are located, which videos they love, and which devices they are using to view your videos.

In this help article, you can read all about the different metrics we provide. Even better, they are available with all SproutVideo subscription plans.

New Metrics

We’ve added two new metrics to our analytics platform.

  • Device Type: You can now see what devices your viewers are using to watch your videos. You can drill down and see if they’re using a desktop, mobile device, or game console, as well as the browser and operating system they’re using. You can also view the number of plays each device gets, as well as the play rate.

Device Type Analytics for Videos Hosted on SproutVideo

  • Playback Type: You can now see if your users are using Adobe Flash or HTML5 video to view your videos.
  • Note: since SproutVideo migrated to an HTML5 video player, this metric will eventually be phased out as the prevalence of Adobe Flash continues to decline. We plan to add new video metrics in the future to replace and enhance the data available to you about your videos.

Playback Type Reporting for Videos Hosted on SproutVideo

We hope you like these new metrics. Please let us know what you think in the comments below!