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5 Tips to Catch the Holiday Spirit with Video

3 MIN TO READ As we head into the holiday season, it’s only natural to want to incorporate some good old holiday cheer into your videos. Regardless of your industry or offering, getting into the holiday spirit is a nice way to loosen up a little in terms of your communication with your audience. You can warm up your tone, take on holiday-related themes,…

Happy Thanksgiving!

< 1 MIN TO READ Here at SproutVideo, we have a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving, like our new office space, new team members, and most of all, our loyal customers. We are also very grateful for hilarious turkey videos, and our favorites are featured below. Enjoy!

Four Summer Holidays to Incorporate Into Your Online Video Strategy

3 MIN TO READ A great way to connect with your audience is to incorporate holidays and events in your online video strategy. Not only does it add relevant and entertaining material to your content marketing. It also does exactly what social media is designed to do – connect your brand with your audience in a way that feels natural. It shows your fans and…