Release Notes for Q3 2022, July - Sept

September 30, 2022


September 14, 2022


  • New: Added new Audience Engagement report to consolidate all account-wide engagement sessions. Sessions can also be filtered by date range, viewer name, viewer email address, or session ID. An exportable (*.CSV) report of this data is available on subscription plans with access to Exportable Data.

September 1, 2022



  • New: Added a new option to loop a playlist.
  • Improved: When auto-advance is disabled, the player will no longer advance to the next video in the playlist. Previously, playlists advanced to the next video but did not play the video. The new behavior improves expected user experience.

Video Player

Video Websites

  • New: [Maple Theme] Added option to remove the “See All Videos” link from the Maple theme home page when categories are displayed.
  • Improved: [All Themes] Reject incorrectly formatted email addresses passed in using the vemail URL parameter to tag viewers.
  • Improved: [Cypress Theme] Removed excess padding from the top of the Cypress theme when the full video website is disabled, and there are no viewer logins.

July 22, 2022


  • New: Added title attribute to iframe for embeds.

Account Management


Poster Frames

  • New: Support uploading animated GIFs as custom poster frames for videos and live streams.
  • New: Added the ability to create animated poster frames from a selected range within a video.
  • New: Added a toggle to enable or disable animated poster frames on hosted video website listing pages. (all themes)
  • Improved: Improved editing of custom poster frames created from a video (still and animated) by storing the selected frame(s) in the “Choose Frames” modal for easy adjustments.

Player Options and Embed Settings

  • New: Added ability to customize the lead capture prompt that appears on SproutVideo-hosted video websites.
  • New: Added background and text color controls to further customize lead capture for embedded videos.
  • New: Automatically remove any audio controls when video has no audio track.
  • New: Added toggle to show/hide the play button for lightbox embed and email embed video thumbnail.
  • New: Email embed option to paste a linked video thumbnail into any email client that supports HTML (such as Gmail, Outlook, etc.) without any code.
  • Improved: Live streams with custom poster frames added will now display the uploaded poster frame in the lightbox and email embed previews within the Player Options tab.

Video Player

  • New: Added option to allow Apple AirPlay, account-wide or per individual video.

Video Websites

  • New: [All Themes] Added HTTPS support for custom video website CNAME.

Viewer Logins

  • Improved: Redesigned the “Grant Login Access” modals for improved performance and more intuitive functionality.
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