Online video may not be a part of all marketing plans but it is an integral part of the marketing plan for businesses decision-makers who not only understand this emerging field is here to stay but are ready to evolve and prosper with it. Just take a look at this graph which illustrates the percentage of marketers that use each type of marketing content or offer:

Content offer popularity

According to the graph, which was created by Eloqua,, and Software Advice, the Goldilocks Principle applies here: respondents prefer online video over white paper (no contact) and live demos with reps (too much contact). In other words, they want to feel interaction with a brand but they also want to control that interaction. Take off your videographer’s hat and, as a consumer, you can probably relate. Fortunately for all of us, online video makes this easy.

So the question is no longer whether you should incorporate online video into your marketing plan- You should. The question before us now is how to create compelling and effective online video for our audience. Like many other aspects of life, the best of the best in this field have certain characteristics in common. Today, we share them with you.

1. Organization Optimizes the Opportunity to Grow.

Organization is key to being a successful videographer just as it is for most things in life. Besides the obvious benefit of having everything you need at your fingertips when it’s time to film, knowing you are prepared is half the battle. This applies not only to having your kit in order, batteries charged, and backup equipment at-hand, it also means plotting your storyboard, allotting time for and budgeting for each step of the video creation process before you get started. Just like your fifth grade teacher taught you, preparation is key to success. By planning for success ahead of time, executing it during the shooting process is a cinch and a lot less stressful!

2. Think Outside the Cube.

Nobody (including you!) wants to watch a boring video, right? Right. Keep that in mind when you are storyboarding and when you are shooting. Some commonly employed methods to avoid putting your audience to sleep include telling a story, tickling their funny bone, and using the feedback (via email, your social media engagement, and video analytics) you receive from your audience to ensure that you’re covering topics they are interested in and want to learn about. Don’t be afraid to entertain as you inform. Your audience will thank you for it by buying your services or products and sharing your videos with others.

3. The Devil is in the Details

Your brand is unique and every aspect of your videos conveys something about it to your viewers whether you intend to or not. This includes your video location/background, the look of the person speaking in the video, the language used, and your non-verbal cues. Though both effective, an online video shot on the beach with the speaker holding a surfboard while dressed in tropical attire using surfer slang connotes a much different message than a video shot in an office with the speaker’s arms crossed in front of her body dressed in a suit using language you might hear in the classroom.

Take time to consider what you want your audience to feel at the end of your video and control the message you’re sending by strategically thinking about these non-verbal expressions you are sharing with them.

4. Strategize for Success.

Video Analytics

Use video to share news and offers with your clients but also make it very easy for them to take advantage of this news and these offers by including a call to action at the end of your video. In addition, before you even begin to create your video, know which keywords to pepper your video with to ensure best search rankings and click-through rates and use video analytics to know where on the internet and where throughout the world your videos are being played so that you can create videos that will be most appealing to those watching.

5. Learn. Then, learn some more.

President Abraham Lincoln is quoted for saying, “I don’t think much of a man who is not wiser today than he was yesterday.” We’ve must agree with Mr. Lincoln here. Video marketing has evolved quickly over the past couple years and it shows no sign of slowing down. The moment you believe you know all there is to know is the moment your business will begin to decline. Learn from your own experience (including mistakes!) in creating video, learn from the video marketing industry by reading blogs like this one and following stories in the news, and keep up with developments in your own industry via Twitter and discussion boards. Offer only the best to your customers and you will see your business thrive. It’s truly as simple as that.

If you haven’t already, develop these characteristics as a part of your professional presence. Also, please share other characteristics you think are pertinent to success with us here and on Twitter and Facebook.

Written by Laci Texter

SproutVideo blog contributor. You can follow her on Twitter and Google+.

Posted May 6, 2013

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