To keep your video library organized, it’s necessary to periodically prune your videos and make room for new ones! Here are ten reasons you might choose to delete a video you currently have hosted on your website.

1. It Looks Dated

Perhaps the language your talent uses or the clothes they wore were popular years ago, but today, they just seem silly. If the video, while dated, is funny and you are not quite ready to part with it, an alternative is to add context to it by poking fun at yourself in the video description.

You want your customers to know your ideas, products, or services are fresh and keeping up with the times, so delete those videos that might suggest otherwise.

2. Its Offer has Expired

If you made a video solely to promote a special offer you had going on but it has long expired, it might be wise to take down the video so as not to confuse (or disappoint) your viewers.

3. It Includes People No Longer With Your Company

If you made videos spotlighting various members on your team, good for you! However, if one of those videos features a person who is a former team member, you should probably delete it. Later on, replace it with a video of the person who took their place!

4. You (or your talent) No Longer Look the Same

This one is slightly different than reason number one. Perhaps your clothing and language are fine but you look different because you lost weight, beefed up, or changed your hair color or style of make-up. If these changes result in a completely new look, you may want to consider replacing the videos with newer ones.

5. You Simply No Longer Like It

There is nothing inherently wrong with your video but you never really loved it and only uploaded it because you did not have many others up at the time. If you now have more videos available for your customers, delete that video if you are not crazy about it.

6. The Information is No Longer Correct

If, for example, you or your talent told your customers to visit you at your old location, you will want to delete the video so as not to confuse them. Even if the correct information is available on your website, you run the risk of people sharing your videos with the wrong information if it is still available online.

7. The Production Quality is Poor

Maybe you were just learning to shoot video or you did not realize how bad the lighting and sound were until later. If you now have videos that put a particular video to shame, delete it and create a new one to replace it. Don’t forget to reference the lighting and audio blog posts we shared earlier this year.

8. You Have a (Better) Duplicate Video

If you have a video that offers the same information but looks better (production-wise) or gets significantly more hits (check your video analytics!), delete the dud and do not look back.

9. Your Product Changes

Perhaps your actual product has changed completely, or your pricing is now different. Either way, to avoid confusion, be sure to delete old videos that feature or mention products and price points that are no longer available.

10. Technological Advancements

If you offer instructional or tutorial videos to your customers, ensure that the technology used in each is up-to-date. Not only does it show you are up-to-date on technological advancements, it can make it easier for your customer to use your products.

How often do you clean out your online video closet? Do you have other compelling reasons for deleting a video from your website? Share with us here, on Facebook, and on Twitter.

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