Corporate videos showcase your company. They convey significant information in a short period of time and have become indispensable for persuading consumers and attracting job candidates.

There are various ways to use corporate video for external and internal communication, from announcements and investor relations to advertising and onboarding.  

Corporate videos, ultimately, are assets that save time and money in your marketing, management, and human resources departments. 

We’ve compiled the 15 best examples of corporate videos to spark inspiration! Watch to see how corporate video can increase your company’s communication efficiency.

What is Corporate Video?

Any video representing your company is a corporate video, whether an advertisement, announcement, or training video. Corporate videos are made with a specific purpose for external or internal use.

The tone of corporate videos ranges widely. The examples in this article include videos that are casual and humorous, emotional and professional, as well as factual and direct. 

What Makes a Good Corporate Video? 

Below we cover tips for producing each specific type of corporate video, yet a few tips apply globally.

  • Center the Viewer’s Experience. Corporate videos are created for a target audience. Make sure you capture their attention and keep them engaged.
  • Showcase the Company’s Perspective. The best corporate video examples allow you to emotionally connect with the business, its purpose, or the people that work there. 
  • Keep It Short & Simple. Most of our examples were about two minutes long and provided a clear message that was easy to absorb.

Regardless of the type of corporate video you create, determine a goal and know your audience. This information will be your “north star” when making creative decisions. 

Best Corporate Video Examples & Tips for Creating Your Own

Corporate Advertisements

Advertisements are the most common form of corporate videos. Some of the most successful ads pull on the heartstrings or make viewers genuinely laugh out loud. A good corporate ad video will resonate with target consumers and center the product’s value propositions. 

Thai Life Insurance

Restore your faith in humanity with this short story that follows a do-gooder who shares kindness for no apparent reward yet receives many. 


This ad targets a specific segment of the Spotify user base. Yet those who find significant value in this feature would happily pay for Spotify Premium to use it. 

Tips for Creating Your Own

  • Tell a Story or Get to the Point. Videos that tell a story capture the viewer’s attention emotionally. Those that get to the point demonstrate the product or service’s value within 30 seconds. 
  • Showcase “Why.” Walk viewers through “why” your product or service exists, who it is for, and how it will transform their lives. What is the “before” and “after” in a customer’s life when your product or service is introduced?
  • Value Your Target Audience. Businesses have a habit of creating advertising for a demographic without that demographic’s direct input. Avoid corporate mishaps by building a diverse team and employing inclusive video marketing

Product Demonstration or Explainer Video

This corporate video is the “elevator pitch” for your business or product. Often made with investors and consumers in mind, explainer videos convey the message in under two minutes and focus on the transformation a product offers. 

These videos are generally at the top of marketing funnels to build brand awareness and capture leads. All the tips (seen above) for corporate advertisements also apply here. However, unlike corporate advertisements, explainer videos tend to introduce a brand or product rather than highlight specific features or target niche audience segments.

Surf Lakes

This product brings surfing to still bodies of water. The video takes an idea for a niche audience (surfers) and showcases how it can be applied broadly in luxury or vacation destinations. 

Makers Making Change

This non-profit organization pairs volunteer makers with those who need affordable assistive technology. The animated explainer video perfectly showcases the problem people experience, and the solution it provides. 

Tips for Creating Your Own

  • Include a Call to Action. After someone watches a video, what action do you want them to take? Consider how you will use your brand’s explainer video to create a customer journey. Get inspiration from our list of the best explainer videos.
  • Consider Hiring a Production Company. Explainer videos can be used on your marketing website, landing pages, and social media. They are high-value content assets for a brand. While marketing budgets may require most videos to be made in-house or with the help of freelancers, explainers can be worth the greater investment. 
  • Solve the Problem. Explainer videos often start by stirring up the emotional feeling of a problem. Your product or service solves that issue; therefore, the video provides emotional catharsis. This is often what makes explainer videos so effective. 

Employee Onboarding & Training

Businesses with new employee onboarding programs report higher retention rates (86%) than companies without (56%). These corporate videos provide the opportunity to set expectations, explain important new-hire information, and showcase the company’s culture. 

Additionally, corporate video training makes it easier for employees to retain information, even over extended periods of time. Training videos can be used to create consistency or share a strategy shift.

Metropolitan Airports Commission

The Metropolitan Airports Commission shares the experiences of current employees in this welcome video for new hires. The video conveys a desire for long-term happiness with the company and expresses its ability to support this in various ways. 


This video showcases the relaxed atmosphere of the company’s culture as the CEO delivers the welcome message in increasingly casual attire.


Released over a decade ago, this video accurately explains how modern marketing will (and did) shift. Most companies keep training content secure internally. But Coca-Cola hired an agency to help the company, giving us an inside look at how it approached the digital age. 

Tips for Creating Your Own

  • Showcase Company Culture. Don’t be afraid to create light-hearted, casual videos that accurately convey your company’s culture. These corporate videos are a great opportunity to help new hires feel welcome and part of a community. 
  • Secure Video Content. Create a private video library and secure content by combining multiple security measures, including login or password protection, IP address or location restriction, and signed embed codes or domain whitelisting.
  • Measure Employee Engagement. Choose a video host with analytics that allows insight into individual video views. Tag a user and track completion rates. Use heat mapping to see what parts of the video are skipped or re-watched, then improve your onboarding experience with this information.

Origin Story or Mission Statement

An origin story or mission statement video is an opportunity to highlight your business and what makes it unique. Origin story videos share the history or inception of the company, while a mission statement video showcases its purpose beyond profit. The two examples below capture the wide spectrum of potential approaches. 


Risual takes a delightfully silly approach while providing a quick understanding of what the company does and who keeps it running.


Shopify features real people who have changed their lives with the platform. This video is a great example of how a brand can bring its mission statement to life.

Tips for Creating Your Own

  • Find the Hook. Like the text on the back of a book, what about your story (or the mission of your company) will make people care about your business? The structure of your narrative will depend on how you grab the viewer’s interest. 
  • Provide Emotional Value. Whether serious or silly, create an emotional journey for the viewer. While many approaches are inspiring or empowering, Risual shows that humor and silliness can be persuasive too. 
  • Build Trust. The more trust you have built with a target audience, the easier it is to persuade them of the value your business offers. Companies that lead with purpose often create a loyal user base. 

Recruiting & Behind-the-Scenes

Recruiting videos sell graduates and employees on the idea of working for your business. As exemplified below, modern recruiting videos are often less about the experience of working and more about the experience of life while working at the company.  


When this Google recruiting video debuted nearly a decade ago, it accurately represented the company’s working culture. While elements of this video now feel outdated, the interviews with interns are timeless and drive the video’s narrative. 


Dropbox created an updated recruiting video that truly understands the current working culture: balance. This video features a company environment that prioritizes employee well-being.

Tips for Creating Your Own

  • Showcase Values. Share the personality and attitudes of the company and those who work there. Some cultures are about growth and focus on the hustle, while others prefer to center balance and showcase fun events. 
  • Rely on Authenticity. Recruiting videos have a tendency to oversell the company. This often presents as disingenuous. Consider what aspects of your company environment allow employees to thrive, both at work and in their personal lives. 
  • Center Purpose. No one wants to work for a paycheck alone. The most engaged employees feel purposeful in their work. How does it feel to be part of your company? What are the broader goals that motivate everyone?

Testimonials & Case Studies

Share what your company does exceptionally well with customer feedback and examples of their success. Testimonials allow customers to talk about their direct experience with your product or service. Case studies are an opportunity to feature the customer’s “before” and “after” transformation that your product or service enables.


Sarah is an interior designer who uses FreshBooks. Her story is highly relatable and her experience finding the right tools to run her business showcases the importance of software. 


This case study showcases how Princess Polly scaled from a small business to international success with Google pay-per-click ads.

Tips for Creating Your Own

  • Host Candid Interviews. Ditch scripted lines and reenacted scenarios. Choose interview questions that encourage the person to expound on their experience. Strive for authentic feedback when filming and use editing to create an engaging experience. 
  • It’s Okay to Edit Quotes. If your video features written or voice-acted feedback from multiple sources (instead of live interviews), don’t be afraid to edit quotes for readability. While it is never okay to change the meaning of a quote, it’s okay to clarify. 
  • Value Outweighs Production. This type of video doesn’t require the most impressive video production to convey its message and provide value. Save your budget for important marketing videos designed to expand brand awareness.

Announcements & Investor Relations 

The world is always changing. Businesses work hard to keep up and forge the future. In the past, a simple press release was enough to create buzz. But the video announcement has firmly taken its place. These types of corporate videos allow businesses to share their internal decisions externally, both with the public and investors. 


Apple’s corporate offices are already carbon neutral, but the company plans to bring sustainability to every stage of its manufacturing process. This video succinctly covers everything Apple plans to accomplish. 


Mailchimp showcases the various non-profit organizations they support, the people who run them, and the importance of each. This values-based video also discusses Mailchimp’s vetting process and its focus on supporting well-managed charities.

Tips for Creating Your Own

  • Go Above and Beyond. How does your company exceed expectations? Directly or indirectly, this type of video often features an update, change, or accomplishment that sets the company a step above its competition.
  • Sincerity is Key. More than authentic, an announcement video should be sincere. While press release language is strictly factual, these videos need to contextualize the information. Once the viewer is equipped with that information, they should feel positive about the direction of the company and the leadership driving it forward. 
  • Avoid Being a Salesperson. The biggest mistake an announcement video can make is to directly sell the company or its products. While this corporate video embellishes upon the traditional press release, it isn’t a marketing video and should center its message. 

Businesses use corporate videos to tell their stories. But you don’t need to follow a homogenized standard to standout. Showcase the values of your company, as well as the problems that you and your team are passionate about solving. Whatever you create, don’t be afraid to do it your way!

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