Audiences are tricky to manage. Say the wrong thing, and they can quickly lose interest in your message. A little charm goes a long way to ensuring viewers engage with your video and stay firmly on your side.

A viewer that has been well and truly charmed is one that will tell others about the video they have seen and help you to share your message. In this post we’re going to look at what makes a charming video and how you can amp up the charm factor in your own video. We share practical tips on building a community of loyal fans, from authenticity and regular posting, to the art of storytelling.

Being a charming video presenter

A successful video marketing campaign is represented by someone who is charming, likable and relatable. While some people are naturally charming, others have to work a little harder. But not too hard! Absolutely no one wants to watch a smarmy presenter put on a cringeworthy performance to sell a product.

The key is to be authentic. If you are truly passionate about the subject, this will communicate itself to the audience.

Charming videos let the spokesperson’s personality shine through. And that means minimal scripting of lines or behavior. We know it’s comforting to have a detailed script, but with a little time, it’s possible to learn the message and make it your own.

This is an golden opportunity to share not just the message, but a little about yourself or the brand. Tell a personal story (relating it back to the brand), embrace your quirkiness, and the audience will instantly relate.

A charming video doesn’t have to be word perfect. If you’re a little goofy, great! No one will hold it against you if you stumble, or even make a funny face. In fact, videos that appear unrehearsed are often the most relatable.

Note: this doesn’t mean you should not rehearse at all. It just means that you have opted for a more natural performance, as opposed to a perfectly polished one.

Regular posting builds confidence in the brand

In order for your audience to really get to know your brand, you’ll have to post videos regularly. These don’t have to be long – in fact, the opposite is better. We recommend short videos that reinforce the brand message and help viewers get to know what you’re all about.

regular posting video campaign

It’s ok if you decide to take a more informal, conversational tone. Just remember that this approach should not carry over to other aspects of planning your video series. Rather than starting off enthusiastically with three videos a week then realizing that’s not sustainable, make a realistic schedule that you know you can comfortably manage.

Posting regularly helps to build a real, lasting connection with viewers. A reliable stream of content will ensure that the audience keeps coming back. In time, the brand will become something they can count on.

Even the most loyal of viewers can become bored if the brand campaign consists of the same type of video week after week. Take a calculated risk, and the audience will respond. By staying aware of the trends in video marketing, you can ensure that your brand is ahead of the curve and gains a reputation as an early adopter. A brand that isn’t afraid to be human and make mistakes is one that is inherently charming.

Telling a story

People respond incredibly positively to stories. Not only are they engaging and memorable, but viewers don’t feel like they’re being sold to. The key to charming an audience and getting viewers on your side is to stop talking to them like they’re customers and start entertaining them. Pay close attention to the script, as well as the presenter’s body language and facial expressions.

storytelling video

It takes time and patience to become a good storyteller. When you nail it, you’ll be able to put together awesome video campaigns that charm viewers and create real connections. We’ve put together lots of tips on storytelling using video in our post The Secrets of Storytelling: 11 Ingredients for Better Videos.

A good video will create a rapport between brand and viewer. In order to establish a rapport, you need to elicit an emotional response from your audience. If your goal is to get them to share the video, you’ll need to be clear about the response you want from them and how you’re going to provoke it. However you decide to do it, the golden rule is to be genuine and authentic.

We have written a post with everything you need to know about using emotion in video (with some great examples); be sure to check out The Science Behind the Role of Emotions in Video Sharing before you write your script.

charming video marketing

Takeaways for making a charming video

When you charm an audience, it gets them on your side. It makes viewers more receptive to your brand message, and is an effective tool for moving them further along the sales funnel. A video that charms its audience needs a presenter who is relatable and honest. Being genuine is essential. Brands that post videos consistently are the ones that build up a loyal fan base.

Before you go anywhere near a camera, brainstorm ways for telling your story and creating an emotional connection with the viewer. Be sure to let your brand’s personality shine through.

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