A thriving brand is built on trust. Trust that the company will fulfill its promises to customers, as well as to its employees. But, trust in CEOs has plummeted, according to recent research. This crisis of trust can be turned around by sharing the opinions of impartial, trusted individuals – brand ambassadors.

Of course, working with brand ambassadors is nothing new, but what about when it comes to promoting positive relationships within the company? Have you considered recruiting your own employees to boost morale within your company?

By encouraging employees to take an active part in internal communications, CEOs can share an engaging message that is trusted by viewers. Moreover, co-workers will enjoy taking time out from regular work to get creative in front of and behind the camera! In this post, we will share tips on turning your top employees into internal brand ambassadors using video.

Say Thank You With an Employee of the Month Video

Everyone loves to be praised! When your employees have done something extra super amazing (because let’s be honest – they’re probably amazing on a daily basis!), give them a chance to shine in front of the camera.

It will make them feel that their achievements are being acknowledged. It will also encourage them to continue striving to reach their potential. Finally, it will show other employees that everyone’s efforts are valued by management.

Of course, not all employees will feel comfortable in front of the camera. This is an opportunity for them to gain in confidence. Our post 27 Ways to Feel Like a Natural in Front of the Camera is a useful starting point for anyone unfamiliar with being filmed. They may even find that they enjoy the limelight!

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Break the Ice for a New Team Member

Remember your first day? Lots of introductions, a blur of faces, trying to make a great first impression with everyone you meet… It’s exhausting!

Lighten the load for new starts by introducing them to the team with a video. It’s an opportunity for them to tell their new co-workers about themselves, and to share a little about their professional experience to date. It also makes them aware that they’re in the fortunate position of joining a company that truly cares about its team members. And that’s something you really want to share.

Let Everyone Know About Your Good Works

More companies are recognizing that supporting a charity is not only good for business, it’s good for staff morale. But, it’s only going to boost your employees’ morale if they know about it!

Supporting good causes can help motivate employees to become internal brand ambassadors. In addition, these initiatives also help build respect for the company within your community.

Use video to tell employees about their team members’ latest philanthropic efforts. Try recording the highlights of that charity dinner that the charity team are organizing. Be sure to include how much money was raised.

Sponsored bake sales are popular, but admittedly not that interesting for video purposes. Make them more video-friendly by introducing a little competition. Film the winners for categories like the most popular bake, the most ambitious bake, and even the messiest bake!

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Team Newsletter

How is communication between teams in your organization? Even in small or medium-sized companies, you might be surprised at the low level of communication between different business units.

If co-workers know what’s going on, they’ll be able to assist each other better and build stronger relationships. Ultimately, better communication makes for a happier workforce.

Let everyone know what’s going on by asking each team to make a short video about what they’ve been working on and what’s coming up. There’s no need to be ultra serious! This is an internal-only video, so employees should feel free to express themselves and share their own personalities.

Give Your Staff Creative Control

If your organization is new to video, then getting started with an internal brand ambassador project might initially seem overwhelming. We recommend putting together an internal video team.

It should be made up of people who are willing to be responsible for brainstorming and pre-production (including scripting and recruiting co-workers), those who are most interested in hands-on production, and those who want to edit. There are many facets to the video making process, so there’s room for lots of people to get involved.

In the event that there’s no one in your organization with the skills to make video, invest in a training day for the video team. You will probably have to provide equipment and editing software.

However, this doesn’t need to be a significant outlay. See our post 6 Hacks for Making Great Video on a Tiny Budget for some practical advice.

Widen the appeal of your internal video campaigns by allowing everyone in the company to get involved. Solicit feedback on the videos – it’s bound to get some interesting conversations going between team members! Asking employees to contribute topics they’d like to see covered is another effective way of engaging them.

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Your employees are ideal internal brand ambassadors. They’re passionate, they understand what your brand is about, and they’re interested.

Try creating a culture of video content engagement, where everyone in the company is empowered to share ideas and express their opinions. Explain why they should take time out of their busy schedules to take part. We recommend recognizing your strongest video contributors with public thanks, and maybe even a small prize at the end of the year.

It’s important to make it easy for your employees to find the videos. A large, disorganized video library is almost certainly not going to be used.

At SproutVideo, we can help you streamline the video management process by using tags. This is a feature that allows you to sort your videos in different ways. You can search for very specific groups of video. Users can filter by tags or search by tags. For more tips on organizing your internal video library, head over to our post 10 Tips for Optimizing Large Video Libraries.

If you’d like to talk to the SproutVideo team about implementing internal video in your workplace, then get in contact using the green live chat box at the bottom of the page or email support@sproutvideo.com.