When everyone has signed out of the webinar, that doesn’t mean that it’s over. Thanks to the time and effort you put into organizing the event, you’re now the lucky owner of an abundance of content.

Your team can repackage it and use as part of your video content strategy. In this post, you’ll find nine creative tips that will help you extract even more value from your webinar.

1. Take Stock

If you have recently held a webinar, the first step is to familiarize yourself with every minute of the footage. This is the best way to inform yourself of exactly what video content you now have. Brainstorm up-cycling ideas and incorporate them into your video marketing plan. If you use any of the suggestions we share below, we’d love to see the results!

2. Enhance Employee Training

If you’ve got a rockstar sales team, recorded webinars are a great tool for training new hires. Ask existing team members to pick a recording from a session that went particularly well. Then, have new hires watch and learn how they handled the situation with the client.

Whether the product is highly technical, or the client particularly difficult, this is a great way to make sure your team is consistent across the board. It’ll help new hires get up to speed quickly, too.

3. Product Demos

Webinars are a great way to walk people through your products and services. This valuable content can be reused for new prospective buyers who didn’t quite make it to the last webinar.

Compile a video of highlights from your webinar, interspersed with pre-recorded demos. Then, share it on your website so interested customers will be able to see what your product is all about.

Even better, they’ll hear how helpful you are with other potential buyers, and benefit from any questions other people may have asked. Check out our post Ten Tips for Making a Product Video that Doesn’t Suck.

4. Give Your Help Page a Boost

Fact: video boosts engagement. It’s easy to make your help page more interesting – and functional – using video. It’s even easier to upcycle existing help content from a webinar!

If your recent webinars haven’t included a ‘help’ session, why not organize one with this in mind? It’s good for your customers as well as your business. The webinar will help you gain an understanding of what customers may be having difficulties with, as well as gaining content that can be repurposed for your website.

5. Invite a Guest to Share Their Thoughts

Guest webinar hosts are great at introducing your organization to new viewers. Ask your invitee to create additional content around an aspect of the webinar that interests them (being sure to include relevant clips).

Cult Canadian food vlog Epic Meal Time boosted their already impressive viewing figures by inviting Arnold Schwarzenegger to make the aptly named Steak and Egger Sandwich. Yes, we know the clip below doesn’t have video clips from a webinar, but it’s a great example of what selecting the right guest can do for your engagement.

At the time of writing, the video has almost 5 million views. That’s pretty impressive for what is essentially a video of some men cooking a high calorie meal!.

6. Highlight Reel

Webinars tend to be lengthy. Simply sharing them as-is won’t always make for effective content. Most viewers won’t want to sit through every cough, interruption, or technical hitch.

Create a highlights reel with the most important parts and promote it on social media. You can also include chapters in the uncut version so viewers can skip straight to the parts they’re interested in. Did you know you can create chapter markers using our Javascript Player AVI?

7. Sales Presentations

If you’re a B2B organization, the chances are that you spend a lot of time telling potential clients about how you actively engage with customers. Why tell them when you can show them? A video clip of a recent webinar showing your CEO answering questions, or a key member of the team sharing tips on using the product, is a highly effective way of showing potential customers how you operate.

8. Split the audio and the video

If there’s some great audio content, don’t discard it simply because the visuals don’t match with the video you’re currently making. Record new visual footage that fits today’s agenda and recycle the audio from the webinar. Simple!

live stream video

9. Promoting Future Webinars

If you’re considering hosting a webinar, don’t forget to promote it using video! Whether you repurpose clips from old webinars, or create original content, we can’t think of a better way to convince people to attend your webinar.

Include video in emails to prospects and attendees to grab their attention. Make the value proposition crystal clear. Attendees should know what to expect if they participate in the webinar.

Consider sharing a video reminder the day before the webinar to reduce the number of no-shows. Conclude the video with a friendly, informal call to action. Try something like, “The webinar kicks off at 1pm, can’t wait to see you!” to encourage viewers to consider it as more of a fun event to look forward to than a note in their calendar.

In Conclusion

Webinars take so much time and work to organize that it makes good business sense to maximize the content they yield. A carefully planned webinar will yield content that can be used as part of your long term video content strategy.

Have you come up with any unusual ways to repurpose your webinar content? Share them with the SproutVideo community in the comments!