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What is a Watermark for Video? Automatic Theft Prevention for Videos

8 MIN TO READ Video watermarks build brand awareness and protect private content. Creators and companies commonly add static logo watermarks to photos, videos, and PDFs. But static watermarks can be removed. Discover how to watermark videos and why it’s important, plus check out examples to decide which type of watermark is best for your business.

Best Practices to Securely Share Corporate Video

6 MIN TO READ Video is the most efficient way for businesses to communicate. Companies use video to easily share internal announcements, coordinate projects, onboard team members, and train new employees. From small businesses to large corporations, video enables teams to stay informed and coordinated.  Yet businesses need the ability to share videos privately. Security is essential for numerous video applications, from proprietary information…

Product Update: Dynamic Watermarks for Videos

4 MIN TO READ Dynamic watermarking is an effective deterrent against screen recording and unauthorized distribution of your high-value video content.  We’re serious about security at SproutVideo, which is why we are excited to announce a new way to protect your hosted videos with dynamic watermarking for videos.  A dynamic watermark displays the viewer’s email address, IP address, and session ID over your video…