Video SEO is an important tool in any company’s arsenal when it comes to improving search rankings and click-through rates. So, how do you get your videos to show up in Google search results, and drive more organic traffic to your site?

Why Video SEO?

Video SEO is a key part of your larger SEO strategy. It’s not a silver bullet, and it’s not as simple as embedding a few videos and calling it a day.

However, when done correctly, video can encourage visitors to your site to spend more time on the page, and might make them more likely to take secondary actions like signing up for a trial or making a purchase.

How Video Sitemaps Can Help

A video sitemap helps search engines locate rich media content on your website. This helps them direct relevant traffic to the page.

Further, by formatting it correctly, you can ensure your video will appear as a rich snippet in search engine results pages.

Get Started With Video Sitemaps

With our new Video Sitemaps feature, we make the whole process pretty painless. Of course, you’ll need a SproutVideo account to do this.

We automatically create a video sitemap and submit it to Google and other search engines for you. All you need to do is make a one-time update to a single file on your website. Then, enter the URL of where your video is embedded on your site for each video you want in your sitemap. That’s it!

For more inspiration on getting video SEO right, read this article with seventeen video SEO tips and tricks.

We’re really excited to offer this new feature to help you with your video SEO efforts. We’d love to hear how it’s helped you! Let us know how you’re tackling Video SEO in the comments below.