Repeat customers are the foundation of every successful business. But, is your organization at risk of losing the connection you’ve worked so hard to make with your customers?

The sale is definitely not closed when the buyer has parted with their cash; in fact, it’s only the beginning! In this blog, we share 11 exciting videos that will keep your company on your customers’ radar.

1. Like this? Then you’ll love that!

Retaining an existing customer is easier than finding a new customer and building a new relationship with them. One way of retaining customers who have already purchased is to tell them about the other products or services they could buy. Create a video showing them about the exciting features and helpful aspects of your other offerings.

2. How to use your new product better.

A post-sales marketing video lets your customer know that you still care. Share some tips on using the product to help them maximize the potential of their new purchase. A customer who is excited about their new gadget is more likely to evangelize to others, meaning more sales for you!

3. Speedy, efficient answers.

In the event that your customers need to contact you with an issue or a question, make it a positive experience. Create a series of detailed instructional videos to help them resolve problems. Your customer service team should be trained so that they are familiar with the content of each video. This way, they will know exactly what video to send to customers. Check out our tips for producing this type of video in 6 Types of Self-Service Videos that Drive Online Sales.

4. Happy holidays!

Although this video isn’t selling anything, you can still use product placement (if appropriate). It’s an opportunity to gently remind customers that you’re still there. A behind the scenes video showing a seasonal message from everyone in the team will makes your company appear friendly and approachable.

5. Crisis management.

Many businesses will have to deal with bad PR at some stage. It’s how you reach out to disgruntled customers or the media that makes the difference between a business that goes under and one that survives. A video featuring your CEO addressing the situation openly and honestly is the best way of reassuring your customers. Head over to our blog 23 Tips and Tricks for Projecting Your Best in Front of Camera to ensure your video is faultless.

6. Upgrades or add-ons you need.

A video up-selling the customer’s current purchase is an easy way to persuade them to spend more money. They already know how great your products are, so a video focusing on the clever features you have developed is a no-brainer. Or, try a customer testimonial where the speaker shares the details about the particular product or service you want to sell.

7. The way to someone’s heart? Through their stomach, of course!

If your organization is in the well-being, health, fitness, or food sector, then you need to get into the kitchen with your camera! The huge success of Buzzfeed’s Tasty food videos makes it clear that people love this type of video.

Our post Filming Food: What You Need to Know tells you everything from the video equipment you need, where to stand, lighting, and essential shots. Bon appetit!

8. Thank you video.

It never hurts to say ‘thank you’. Customers will not only love receiving a heartfelt video message from your organization, they’ll remember it.

thank you

Be inspired by our favorite corporate and charity thank you videos in The Ultimate Guide to Saying ‘Thank You’ in Your Videos.

9. Personalized video.

You’ve probably heard of personalized video being used by salespeople before making a sale. There’s no reason why it can’t also be used after a sale. In fact, it’s a great way of solidifying the B2B connection.

In this type of video, the salesperson or customer service rep records a short video following up on the sale, and introducing themselves as the main point of contact in case they have any questions.

10. Buy more!

If you’re selling a product that has parts which run out (for example, a coffee machine that uses paper coffee filters), video can help you sell more of the replacement parts.

Create a series of videos that you can send to customers at appropriate intervals reminding them to purchase more. A video that pitches itself as a helpful reminder will be more effective than a hard sell.

11. Press release.

Getting the word out about exciting new developments – whether it’s a new product, a change of direction, or even a new CEO – can be challenging. Getting the press to pick up your story often depends on who you know. Share your story using video, and you’ll get noticed by more news outlets. Be sure to read How to Charm Your Audience if you’re sending out a video-based press release soon.

video marketing

Take post-sales marketing seriously.

You’ve probably put a lot of time and effort into marketing your brand using video. We recommend making the post-sales video marketing process just as important as pre-sales. It means you build on existing customer relationships, recruit ambassadors who willingly share their experiences with others, and consolidate your brand as a leader in its sector.

Put together a post-sales team with expertise in customer service and marketing. Use our list as a springboard to put together a video campaign with an emphasis on an efficient, friendly, helpful customer experience.

Feeling inspired? Share your post-sales video marketing experience below or on Twitter!