After many, many months of hard work at SproutVideo HQ, we are extremely excited to release our video website features as a part of our core platform offering. These easy-to-use, beautiful, and powerful video sites are now available at no extra cost with all our existing pricing plans for all our customers.

We added features, themes, and a fancy new way of designing a gorgeous, unique video website. Keep reading for an overview of the new video website features, including security and marketing tools, as well as more details on our new themes.

The Easiest Way To Share Videos Online

The new SproutVideo websites vastly simplify the process of publishing video online. They provide a custom-branded, mobile-friendly viewer experience, complete with video marketing, analytical, and security tools. These new features enable anyone with any level of technical know-how to quickly and easily build a beautiful website around their video content without ever touching a line of code.

Highly customizable, our video websites offer everything you need to match your branding, or create a new brand – whichever you prefer. You can upload a logo, pick a custom URL or set up a CNAME record, choose your favorite colors, and even add a favicon. What’s more, you can pick from any of our beautiful, professionally designed themes, and configure it to your liking. If you change your mind down the road, switching themes is a breeze, with nothing to install or download.

New Themes

Our two new themes are Cedar and Maple, bringing the total to five awesome theme options.


Cedar has a clean, newsroom feel, with a list format and space for rich video descriptions.

video website example


Maple is a category-driven theme, so rather than videos, the homepage displays your selected categories, with additional options for category metadata, like a description and image. Clicking on a category takes you to a video listings page for all the videos included in that category.

video website example of maple theme

Powerful Video Privacy Options

Besides our gorgeous themes, what sets the video sites apart are our video security features, which have become increasingly sophisticated over the course of our five years in business. The newly launched video sites support single-sign-on (SSO), IP Address restriction, and login protection, taking the guesswork out of sharing video securely online.

Want a branded, secure employee video portal for corporate communications? These sites can do that. Want to deliver a set of videos to one group, and another set to a different group? Got you covered. Want your content to only be available on your company’s VPN? No problem. The use cases for these security features goes on, and on. Why not ask us about how you could leverage a SproutVideo website for your business?

Easy Video Marketing

These sites are also built on top of a robust video marketing platform. If you want to share your videos with the world on social networks, get more fans and followers, accelerate your email marketing list growth, or run drip campaigns based off which videos your viewers watched, you can do so more quickly and easily than you ever thought possible.

Even better, social cards are already set up for your video website. That means your videos will display the posterframe, title, and description when shared on social media.

SproutVideo websites also feature built-in video SEO. They include video sitemaps, to help you rise through search rankings.

Customized Landing Pages

If you want all of those features, but don’t want to use the full video website, not to worry. It’s easy to disable the full video website, and just share your videos individually.

How to Get a Video Website?

All new SproutVideo subscribers automatically have access to these sites. You can get started building one right away after signing up for a free trial account.

Our video website features have also been rolled out to our current customers. Existing accountholders will retain their current video landing pages and URLs. The main difference you’ll notice is a new link called “Site” at the top of the page when logged into your account.

Ready to get started with your own video website? Sign up for a free trial today. Have questions? Please ask us!