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Continental Drift: Video Trends from Around the World

2 MIN TO READ After a rapid rise that began more than a decade ago, video is now the predominant way of sharing information online. But, what does all this growth mean for video? Where do we go from here? In this post, we take a global perspective on the evolution of online video. We highlight key video trends and video leaders on every…

Tips for Effective B2B Video Collaboration

4 MIN TO READ Collaborative video projects with other brands can be an incredibly valuable part of a B2B video marketing strategy. By combining forces, co-promotion allows both companies to reach new audiences that might not have been aware of their offerings before. It also enables you to connect your brand story to others, creating alliances and enriching the social value of your brand….

Ten Tips for Introducing Your Team with Video

2 MIN TO READ Video is a fast, visual, engaging way to introduce your team members to each other, and to highlight the great work that they do. In this post, we’ve come up with a few ideas to help you get beyond the typical interview format to create dynamic team videos.

Enhance the Five Stages of Your Sales Funnel With Video

4 MIN TO READ The “sales funnel” is a concept used to describe the process of customer acquisition and maintenance, and is likely familiar to you if you’re in the retail or marketing industries. The “funnel” refers to, in effect, the whittling down of your audience to focus on the customers and potential customers with whom engagement will offer the best ROI. In this…

5 Questions to Ask Before Selecting a Video Production Company

3 MIN TO READ You’ve decided you need an explainer video for your homepage to help prospective website visitors understand what you do faster. Great! Your boss approved the budget and you are ready to find a video production company to help you. You may be familiar with companies that have produced videos for your competitors or maybe you’ve been perusing some production company…

10 Tips for Optimizing Large Video Libraries

4 MIN TO READ Working with large video libraries is often needlessly complicated and frustrating. Old content gets forgotten, videos are hard to find, and you may even have some duplicates in there. Here are 10 simple ways you can streamline video management to ensure your expansive video collection stays organized, secure, and easy to explore for your viewers.

How Small Business Can Benefit From User-Generated Content

3 MIN TO READ In this guest post from John Hallam of Vidrack, a web-based video recorder for crowd-sourcing content, we explore the benefits and challenges of leveraging user-generated content for business. In the best case scenario, user-generated content can take the headache out of creating great videos for your brand or products. Your fans and followers will happily do that for you, inspiring others…

What To Do If You Don’t Want Your Video To Go Viral

3 MIN TO READ Online video is synonymous with viral cat videos and charity campaigns that seek to reach as many people as possible. At the opposite end of the spectrum, however, there are many types of videos that should not be shared by anyone except authorized viewers. For instance, employee training videos, internal company communications, or videos intended only for paying customers. At…