Social media is critical to sharing content with new audiences, and building brand awareness. SproutVideo supports Open Graph tags, which enable your videos to be displayed properly on different social platforms. Keep reading for details on how this works!

What Are Open Graph Tags?

Open graph tags tell social media platforms which title and description should be used for a post. They also indicate which images or videos should be included with the post, if available.

For example, try posting a Public video hosted on SproutVideo to Facebook. You’ll find that the video title, description, and poster frame image are all included automatically with your post.

How to Enable Social Sharing of Your Videos

Ready to leverage powerful social sharing tools for your videos? All you have to do is ensure your videos are set to Public. Then, enable social sharing options for your videos hosted by SproutVideo. You can enable social sharing account-wide, or just for specific individual videos.

SproutVideo offers two types of social sharing options: on the landing page we automatically generate for Public videos; or through the player. The right choice depends on whether you are using our landing pages or video websites for sharing your videos, or if you’re embedding your content on a website you own.

By default, anyone who clicks on your video from Facebook’s timeline will be taken to the video landing page we generate for your video. For videos embedded on another website, set the “Embedded URL” for your video to point to the page where that video is located instead.

For example, if you embed your video on “,” you’ll want to set your embedded URL within your SproutVideo account to “” for that video.

If you’d like to get started with social sharing today, open a free 14 day trial of our platform to test it out! If you have questions, our support team is happy to help!