As you may have noticed from years past, we love releasing product updates just before the holidays. Think of it as our little gift to you during a hectic time of year.

This year, we made it possible to upload much larger video files to our platform. We also made uploads resumable, meaning they’ll pick up where you left off if the upload gets interrupted. Keep reading for more details on how our fancy new uploader will make your life easier!

Why We Increased Upload File Sizes

Not too long ago, we updated our platform to support Ultra-HD video formats, including 4K and 8K videos. We also added support for videos with higher frame rates, up to 60 fps. Naturally, these video formats typically have larger file sizes because of their higher bitrate compared to standard video formats.

To make it easier to upload Ultra-HD videos, higher frame rate videos, and longer videos, we doubled the supported file size from 5 GB per file to 10 GB per file. Your videos can now have a much higher bitrate, or be much longer than before.

Resumable Uploads

We realized that with larger files, they might take longer to upload depending on your internet connection speed. We also know that nothing is more frustrating than getting halfway through uploading a big file, only for your internet to cut out, and having to start all over.

When we updated our video uploader to support larger files, we also made it so that you can resume an upload where you left off. All you have to do is use the same device, browser, and file (without changing the file name). When selected, the file will pick up at the point where it was interrupted, rather than starting the upload all over again. Talk about a time-saver!

What Hasn’t Changed

As before, you can upload multiple video files at a time, and we still support a really wide-range of video file formats. The main difference is the size of the video you can upload, and the fact that an interrupted upload can be restarted where it left off.

This update has already been rolled out to all users on our platform. You can get started uploading larger video files today!

Note: if you’re uploading through the SproutVideo API, you are still limited to a file size of 5 GB per video.

Got large video files that need a new home online? Open a free trial account today, and activate it to start uploading files up to 10 GB. Questions? Ask our friendly support team or leave a comment below.