The year 2016 was tumultuous, with many ups and downs across the board. The one exception has been online video, which has only moved from strength to strength.

In this post, we’re looking back at some of our favorite marketing videos from 2016. These ten videos made us laugh, cry, or rush out to try the product! Enjoy.

1. Tasty “Cookies and Cream Puffs”

You’ve seen them all over Facebook – short, easy to follow videos showing you how to make mouthwatering recipes, even with the sound off.

The videographers have come up with a winning formula: understanding exactly where we’re likely to access video, how we use video, and how we want to cook (quickly, simply, and jam-packed with flavor) and put them together to make viral content time after time.

Why this particular video? Because it inspired a massive 2 million people to treat themselves to an utterly delicious dessert!

2. Under Armour “I Will What I Want”

If you’re struggling to make a video that feels authentic, watch this. It’s a masterclass in speaking honestly and openly to your audience.

Quite simply, we love this video because it started a much needed conversation about self-belief and inner strength. It’s a superb example of the power of video.

3. Chubbies “Mario Kart on Lombard Street”

Lombard Street tends to be associated with that icon of cool, Steve McQueen, and the infamous car chase scene in Bullitt. This video is set in the same location, but revels in being anything but cool. It’s all about fun!

Low budget and hugely engaging, this video really made us want to dress up and race down the crookedest street in the world! And taking a look at the stats – a mind-boggling 17.2 million views in just seven days during 2016 – we’re definitely not alone!

4. Hyundai Genesis “First Date”

Guy takes girl out on a date; dad is wary. How many times have we seen videos based on that storyline?

Still, time after time, this video from Hyundai kept us watching right to the end. What’s more, the smile never left our face!

5. Pepsi “Emojis Here Now!”

This series of videos tapped into 2016’s desire for snackable content. Why spend 30 seconds getting your message across when you can do it in only five? Plus, you’ve gotta love those emojis – they’re just so darned cute!

6. Command “Hammer’s Toolbox”

Not only does this video win huge nostalgia points from us, it boosted awareness of the brand by generating real engagement. The social element of the campaign was a huge hit, thanks to the event allowing people to dress in their best 90s clothes and lip sync with MC Hammer himself. Cue internet meltdown!

7. Doritos “Ultrasound”

Marketing videos have a short time to tell a story. The message has to be clear, the story engaging, and the video memorable. Doritos ticked all the boxes with their 2016 Superbowl video. Most importantly of all, it got people talking!.

Whatever you think of it, we’re sure that you remember it, so for us, the video was a must for our top 10.

8. Esurance #EsuranceSweepstakes

Esurance Video Campaign from 2016

Use the phrase “real-time marketing video” to most videographers, and it’s usually followed by a sharp intake of breath and a concerned expression. We like to be in control, to make sure that the editing is flawless and every element is to our satisfaction.

But, Esurance showed that the risk involved with real-time marketing videos can pay off in terms of massive audience engagement (5,300 retweets, as shown in the image above). For anyone wanting to make a splash in 2017, this should give you serious food for thought.

9. Honey Maid “This is Wholesome”

All too often, we see the same family set up represented in commercials – mom, dad, and two kids. But that’s not an accurate depiction of family life for everyone, and they deserve to be represented too. This is 2016, not 1956! It made for a refreshing change to see a range of family units celebrated by Honey Maid. Kudos to this all-American brand for this celebration of diversity.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this trip down memory lane. This really was a fantastic year for video marketing – there’s been no shortage of videographers putting their all into getting people talking about their brands. If you agree with our choices, let us know! Even better, if we overlooked one of your favorites, let us know on Twitter or the Comments section below!

If you’re planning your next video marketing campaign and have been inspired, head over to our post ‘Should You Hire a Production Studio or Make the Video Yourself?‘ for some tips on doing it yourself. And if you want to continue the masterclass, there’s no better place than ‘Five Inspiring Examples of Brand Building with Video‘. Don’t forget to guide your viewers after the video with post-play calls to action, links, images and forms!

We hope you loved our picks for the top 10 marketing videos of 2016. We’re so excited to see what next year brings. Roll on 2017!