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How To Get the Best Audio in Any Environment

5 MIN TO READ Distracting audio is hard to get past. We’ve all been in a situation when some unwanted noise made its way into a video or live stream. Typically, we never want these disruptive noises to make it into our professional video work, live or pre-recorded.

Cheers to a Trailblazer: Dr. James West

5 MIN TO READ In the world of video, audio is a crucial part of the production process. However, have you ever wondered who was behind the technology that made modern-day microphones possible?  In this post, we’ll be going over the life and work of Dr. James West, inventor of the electret microphone, which represents around 90% of all microphones produced today. We’ll explore…

How to Upgrade Your Home Video Studio

6 MIN TO READ Whether you’re starting from scratch, or ready to make some upgrades, your home studio is an important investment in this day and age. But, there are endless options for lights, microphones, and cameras, and it’s hard to know if they’re really worth the money. In this How To Video episode, we’ll be breaking down different types of gear you can…