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Budgeting for Video

3 MIN TO READ Budgeting is a hugely important component of any video campaign because it effectively sets limits on what you can do — and also compels you to think creatively to get around those limits. In this post, we’re going to lay out what you need to consider as you set your video production budget. Then we’ll suggest some opportunities to cut…

Planning Your Video In Just One Day

4 MIN TO READ So you’ve decided to make a video to get your brand out there, which is great! But, you’re not sure you have the time or resources to get it all done. Don’t worry – we’ve been there. Here’s a quick walk-through of how to do all your video planning in a single day — including market research and storyboarding —…

Don’t Make These 8 Pre-Production Mistakes

3 MIN TO READ When you decide to make a video, plan to spend about 70% of the total time on pre-production. That’s setting goals, planning, and budgeting. We’ve isolated the 8 most common mistakes that people make in pre-production to help you get the most out of the planning period, and avoid costly (and time-consuming) mistakes in the long run.

10 Tips To Avoid A Marco Rubio Moment

4 MIN TO READ Politics aside, it was difficult not to empathize with Senator Marco Rubio during his State of the Union response this week. Though he did not succumb to his thirst until about halfway through his speech, it was apparent throughout that he was suffering from a severe case of cottonmouth. While we admit we giggled a bit, we’ll go easy on…