Events are a goldmine for videographers. With so much going on, it can feel overwhelming to try to capture it all on video. In this post, we’re going to take a look at the most valuable types of footage you can’t miss at your next company event.

Attendee Testimonials

We recommend some forward planning in conjunction with the sales team. Before the event, they should get in contact with customers who are particularly satisfied, and provide them with a can’t-miss incentive to attend the event (such as inviting them to the VIP area or giving them free tickets). You can meet them there and record a quick testimonial.

How To…

Ask delegates to quickly share their hot tips on a subject that you know your audience want to learn about. Share the questions on social media before the event so your interviewees will be well prepared, confident and happy speaking on camera.

A Quick Word From Our Sponsor

The prospect of a video interview will be enticing to prospective sponsors. In order to make the video as engaging as possible, be prepared with a series of questions that will enable you to get beyond the sponsor’s sales pitch.

Interview for Event Video

One Minute With…

If there are any influencers at the conference, getting a quick interview with them is a no-brainer. Find out from the marketing team beforehand which influencers they’ve invited and whether they will be attending.

At the event, be prepared to ask them to share their opinion on topics such as the state of the industry, the best new products they’ve seen at the event, or their best practice tips. Most will be happy to talk so you just need to hit record!

The Presentations

Be sure to record every presentation at your event. These are so rich in content, you will be able to generate many, many videos using the presentations.

Firstly, you should share them on your website immediately after the event. Minimal editing will be required, so you can make these available quickly.

After the event, go through each presentation and pick the most important points to create a series of short (no longer than two or three-minute) videos. You can also take the best bits from each presentation and create a ‘best of’ video.

You can also use compelling soundbites as a voiceover if the footage isn’t all that thrilling.

Content from the presentations can be used on your website to generate leads, promote future events, feature in your round-up of the year, in email marketing… The sky’s the limit!

Getting to Know…

An interview with the keynote speaker. This should be more in-depth than the customer testimonials. After the event, you can split it into bite size videos for sharing on social media.

Behind the Scenes

Although viewers don’t expect this type of content to be polished, this doesn’t mean it’s an easy video to make. You will need to walk the line between being invisible, but also present enough to get your colleagues to talk about what’s going on and why.

A lighthearted behind the scenes video will always be popular. Still, it’s a good policy to put the camera down if something happens that could cause embarrassment to someone.

Thank You (In-House)

Put together a short thank you video from the CEO to everyone in the company who helped put the event together. For more tips on saying thank you with video, check out our blog The Ultimate Guide to Saying Thank You in Your Videos.

Thank You (Everyone Else)

Another thank you video, but this one is targeted at those who took part in the event. For instance, delegates, exhibitors, and sponsors all might have something interesting to say. Why not feature various colleagues expressing their thanks to the people who took part?

As a videographer, we know that time is probably not on your side. Especially if you’ve been tasked to produce a range of videos at the event. Doing great video on the hoof is possible, all it takes is some planning and super-fast editing skills!

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